Haiku by Hidenori Hiruta in Japan (2)


First of all, I present you the following haiku I wrote when I visited 角館(かくのだて)(Kakunodate), Akita.


Hyakusui’s monument

stands in beauty

cherry blossoms


Sakurabana  Hyakusui no hi o  kazari keri



This is a monument inscribed with two tanka poems written by平福百穂(ひらふく ひゃくすい)(Hirafuku Hyakusui)(1877 – 1933), who was a Japanese-style painter as well as a tanka poet. He was born and brought up in 角館 (Kakunodate) , which is famous for the birthplace of 小田野直武 (おだの なおたけ)(Odano Naotake)(1750 – 1780), one of the greatest painters of Akita ranga (秋田蘭画) , also known as the Akita-ha (秋田派). 

平福百穂 (Hirafuku Hyakusui) was greatly influenced by Akita ranga (秋田蘭画) and earnestly tried to introduce and spread its style, in which the Akita painters for the most part painted traditional Japanese themes and compositions using Western-style techniques and an approximation of oil paints.

The monument for Hyakusui’s tanka poems was erected in 角館 (Kakunodate) on September 9, 1944, with the two following tanka poems inscribed with.




Seeing the current of the river moved in different sites,

I realize how many years have passed since I left hometown.




How lucky I have felt to be in such a bright spring of the Tohoku district,

where trees have just begun to bud all at once, giving nice smells! 


Secondly, I present some of my haiku I wrote when I visited 男鹿半島(Ogahantou), or

the Oga Peninsula in English.


Driving straight

down the coastline




Sailing boat

through the islands

off bonds




Summer colours

call ogres

the Oga Peninsula 





into cobalt blue water

the Oga Isles





Thirdly, I present some haiku about summer.

Humid night

staring the cool

summer moon




Summer’s dream

someone sits in shade

Buddha’s posture



Buddha’s rise

from the pond

lotus flower





Falling winds

Hiroshima no more

prayers ring




Lastly, I present the latest haiku from my own blog: http://akitahaiku.blogspot.com/.


Permanent snow

cools the air

summer solstice



The shade

bathes in the water

summer isle




The next posting ‘Haiku by Brian McSherry in Japan (2) appears on July 24.


Hidenori Hiruta

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  1. dil okulu san, we usually use two languages, English and Japanese. Some readers enjoy this site translated into their own languages through the system of google translating services.

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