International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 2)


On the second day, we have welcomed T. A. Smith’s rabbit from Michigan, USA. The rabbit is one of the Shiteki Na Usagi in the blog of Yousei Hime.




We have also welcomed Peter Rabbit from the Lake District, UK.




Now we tell you the latest news that Origa’s rabbits have just joined the festival from Michigan, USA.




We have celebrated the New Year 2011 with them, reading and reciting haiku contributed to the festival.



Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic ジャスミンカ・N・ディオーディヴィク

(Serbia)              (セルビア)


here comes a New Year
there is nothing but the past
on my calendar

first light of the Sun –
from the snow sticks out yellow, brown 
and green last year grass             


Adina ENACHESCU (Romania)    アディナ・エナチェスキュ

(Romania)                             (ルーマニア) 


New Year Day-

rich people and beggars,     元日の明暗富者と乞食かな 

lights and shadows



New Year night-

clinking glassful of champagne  大晦日花火見上げてシャンペンを 

under the fireworks




Robert Epstein (USA)         ロバート・エプスタイン(アメリカ)

it won’t last           ニュー・ブルー・ムーン
I won’t last
new blue moon

home from vacation
I build one last sandcastle
in the air




Željko Funda  (Croatia)                ゼルジコ・フンダ(クロアチア)


the end of the year
snowflakes are falling
into laughters

New Year’s Evening           大晦日
last sunflower seeds falling    向日葵の最後の種や雪に落つ
into the snow



Zeljka Vucinic Jambresic   ゼルジコ・ブシニク・ジャンブレシク

(Croatia)                    (クロアチア)


New Year’s dawn –          元旦 

old cart full of worm holes      虫穴の満ちるカートに新影が

has a new shadow


first coffee – my pregnant            初コーヒー :

daughter’s reflection on      身ごもった娘の影が

grandpa’s Christmas ball     おじいちゃんのクリマス・ボールに



Nobuko Johnson (USA)         ノブコ・ジョンソン(アメリカ)

New Year’s sky
seagulls flying away       
bright in the sun


falling winter rain
listening in my dream      
I don’t wish to wake





jim kacian (USA)        ジム・カシアン(アメリカ)


a late moon widens the sky New Year’s Eve





New Year’s Day

self-conscious         元日や新調の服意識する

in new clothes




vishnu p kapoor (India)  ヴィシュヌー・p・カプール(インド)



new year-

my sixty ninth            新年や我69彼女65だったのに

she would have been 65



new year eve :

my candle would melt       大晦日我が蝋燭は朝までに

by the morning




Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram  カアア・ナ・カラャナスンダラム

(India)                     (インド)


the multi colour festoons

flying in the air           アゲハチョウ微笑みながら空を飛ぶ

with the smile of humanity



let we born new

with splendid aim          新誓やねらい見事な新生を 

the new year oath




Vilma Knezevic (Croatia) ヴィルマ・クネゼヴィック(クロアチア)


Izlazak sunca       U maslini tihi zuj     Sve do zalaska



In the olive tree a soft buzzing  日の出からオリーブの木にささやきが

till the sunset



Poslije kiše         Zaglibio i otežao       svaki pužić


After the rain

Heavy and sunk in the mud    雨後の泥カタツムリ皆沈みけり

every snail



Angelika Kolompar (Canada) アンジェリカ・コロンパー(カナダ)



In Father’s old house           父の古い家

he dusts off the photographs      写真拭きとる

and stirs up memories          思い出が湧き上がる 



At 12:01                  午前零時1分

he is taking a bath           彼はお風呂に入る 

in last year’s water           旧年のお湯 



In the dark morning            暗い朝

my old coffee cup in hand     手に古いコーヒーカップを持つ 

I miss the sunshine           日光がなつかしい


Evica Kraljic (Croatia)  エヴィッカ・クラルジィク(クロアチア)


Through rustling snowflakes   

the jingle of sleigh bells       元旦や雪片通るソリの鐘 

New Year’s morning


New Year’s Eve

All this world needs         大晦日この世で欲しき真鏡や 

is the mirror of truth



The next posting ‘International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 3)’ appears on January 3.


 Hidenori Hiruta





4 thoughts on “International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 2)

  1. Hah! Three poems with coffee, a universal drink.

    Some interesting scenes – I had a laugh about the bath water!

  2. All the Haiku poems are very interesting. Let our New Year will be great to everybody. With regards to our Hidenori Hiruta.

    By Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram.

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