International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 1)


The New Year’s Festival has started with the arrival of Gabi Greve’s rabbit.

Gabi’s rabbit came to Akita from Okayama on New Year’s Eve, participating in the festival.




Gabi says in her haiku:


New Year preparations –
my rabbit in his coat
of white



Patricia Lidia’s rabbit has got to the festival from Romania, carrying new resolutions.




Fay Aoyagi’s rabbit has also arrived here from the Moon Palace by ship. 


In addition, haiku, tanka, senryu and photos have been presented to the festival from the poets worldwide.




Fay Aoyagi (USA)                                      青柳飛 (アメリカ)


New Year’s Day

a rabbit arrives in the ship      元旦や月の宮より兎来る 

from the Moon Palace



New Year’s Day mirror

learning how to smile          初鏡大黒様に笑み習ふ 

from a potbelly Buddha




Shoichiro Arakawa (Japan)                 荒川祥一郎(日本)(川柳作家)


The first sunrise

of Mt. Fuji beaming           地デジからドカンと富士の初日の出

through the digital TV



New Year’s resolution  

Don’t be afraid of              新年へ期するものあり縄梯子 

any rope ladder 




Nana Fredua Agyeman           ナナ ・フレドュア ・アゲマン

 (Ghana)                                  (ガーナ)




rising sun –

the spider’s web catches       初日の出蜘蛛の巣虹をとらえけり




coming in from the cold…

a trail of ants lines           寒さ避け壁に一本蟻の道

the wall




Wahyu W. Basjir (Indonesia)    ワヒュウ ・W.バスジア(インドネシア)




year end

would it be a break          年末は小康であれ胃炎かな

enduring gastritis



lie to me

this year won’t end        月は出ず年は明けずとウソ言いな





Roberta Beary (USA)         ロバータ ・ベアリー (アメリカ) 


new year’s day        元日 
the smile she saves
just for him





Brian Birdsell (USA)       ブライアン ・バードセル (アメリカ)


in the evening
a field of angels
left in the snow
january 1st
waiting in the pines –
the taste of soba
my daughter
holds an icicle –

one more year slips by



ZLATA BOGOVIĆ (CROATIA)  ズラータ ・ボゴビス (クロアチア)


New Year’s Eve – 

too short is this night for      大晦日抱負のいまだ実らずに

all my resolutions 



Popping corks –             コルク栓がポンと鳴る 

the New Year descended       新年が明けてきた  

the fireworks               花火があがる 




Helen Buckingham (UK)        ヘレン ・バッキンガム (イギリス)


 New Year’s Day–

woken by the number       元日や手の甲の数字で目が覚める 

on the back of my hand

 (Presence, January 2010)        (2010年1月の作品) 


 the century enters its pre-teens   世紀がプリティーンに入る 

…Earth looks pale          ...地球は淡い

and interesting               そしておもしろい

 (unpublished)                     (未発表)  




Seisaku Chiba (Japan)                      千葉星作  (日本)


sitting straight                      

foreign students              留学生端座よろしき冬の舞

dance in winter



a black bullet

Ponta my late cat             亡きポンタ黒き弾丸雪の舞

in the snow



Gillena Cox                    ギリナ ・コックス
(Trinidad and Tobago)            (トリニダード・トバゴ)

the morning’s azure
a coolness against my cheek
new year’s day


January first
the crumble
of last year’s calendar




Janjalija Damir              ジャンジャリジャ ・ダミア

(Montenegro)                  (モンテネグロ)


The muddy road
slowly covering in snow

New Year’s Eve
The landscape impressed
in the whiteness of paper

First sunrise




Tatjana Debeljacki Serbia)    タトジャナ ・デベルジャッキ (セルビア)


Aroma of the fir tree            モミの木の芳香

through the woods and fields       森と野を通って     

white covering cloth             覆う白い布



Lightening balls               照らされているボール

are twinkling the magic      マジックをきらきら輝かしている

imagination of child            子供の想像力



The cabin in the bay           湾の中の船室 

New Year’s Eve waltzing         大晦日のワルツ

of two travelers               二人の旅人の




The next posting ‘International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 2)’ appears on January 2.


― Hidenori  Hiruta











8 thoughts on “International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 1)

  1. あけまして、おめでとうございます。

    we have toooo much snow in Okayama, and much more to come tonight … b rrrrrrr


  2. Dear Hidenori san:

    Thank you so much for the time and effort that you’ve put into preparing this great party.

    A string of little gems. I enjoy reading all of them,and particularly like “New Year’s Day mirror,” “the smile she save, ” and “too short is this night for”

    Hi! All of my fellow haiku poets:

    May the New Year bring rich blessings for you and all those you love.

    Happy Rabbit Year 2011.


  3. This is such a joy to read all the haiku, and to see the pictures!

    Domo arigato, Hidenori san! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

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