Haiku about the Great East Japan Earthquake (7)


Paul Terence Conneally (born 1959 in Sheffield, United Kingdom) is a poet, artist and musician based in Loughborough,UK.

On June 4, 2011, Paul Conneally posted his message on my Facebook page, telling about  Japan Earthquake Fundraising Event – Derby Roundhouse 5th June

Celebrate Japanese Culture at The Roundhouse Derby




Only £3 entry for adult £1 for children!

As well as all the events featured on the poster there will also be a chance to write haiku with Paul Conneally who will make a haiku wall or tree or maybe both with haiku written on the day and sent in from around the world.

If you can’t make the event you can send in your haiku to Little.Onion@ntlworld.com and they will be displayed on the day.

All proceeds from this event will go to UNESCO JAPAN to help rebuild schools and other children’s facilities.


Paul’s message pleased and encouraged me so much, because I am a member of the Akita UNESCO ASSOCIATION (秋田ユネスコ協会), a branch of UNESCO JAPAN.


Paul Conneally also posted the article and photo about his Haiku Jam session at The Roundhouse, Derby, UK on my Facebook page.


Haiku Jam – Six Haiku by Alan Summers with Japanese Translations by Hidenori Hiruta

Download this gallery (ZIP, null KB)


This is a phototograph of one of a limited edition series of six jars of haiku jam by artist poet and cultural forager Paul Conneally.   Each jar of haiku jam has a haiku by award winning haiku poet Alan Summers with a Japanese translation by Hidenori Hiruta published on it.

This Haiku Jam series has been produced for the Japan Earthquake Appeal and will be available at Japan Earthquake Japanese Cultural Day at Derby Roundhouse on the 5th June 2011 11 am to 4 pm.

All proceeds from the series and related products will be donated to Japan Earthquake Relief charities.

Here is a photo of the six jars of haiku jam.

The four haiku by Alan Summers were written during his stay in Japan in 2002.

He participated in World Haiku Festival 2002 held in Yuwa (雄和), Akita-city (秋田市), Northern Honshu, Japan.

Alan contributed his travelogue to the Akita International Haiku Network at https://akitahaiku.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/


Here, let me post part of Alan’s travelogue.

WHC’s Japan experience held many adventures and treats including a trip down the Mogami River…

in-between season

I follow the Mogami River

by riceboat

…and visiting hills, shrines and their flower gardens, and mountains:

moon mountain –

I climb up through all this gorse

into Basho’s Northern Honshu

Gassan (Moon Mountain), Yamagata

The WHF2002 Conference was fantastic, and enjoyed the Mayor’s offical welcome to the World Haiku Conference where I launched ‘Parade of Life: Poems inspired by Japanese Prints’  jointly edited by Paul Conneally and myself.

 ‘Parade of Life: Poems inspired by Japanese Prints’  ISBN: 09539234-2-8  Poetry Can/’Japan2001’*/Bristol Museum & Art Gallery  (2002)

*Japan2001one year-long festival, from April 2001 to April 2002, celebrating the interaction between Japanese and British culture.

Here is a photo of Alan Summers and his friends.

(group photo©Alan Summers/With Words)




L-R standing: Matsuko Teraoka, Deborah Russell, Alan Summers, Daniel Gallimore, Susumu Takiguchi, Debi Bender, Matsuo Basho (statue), Judit Vihar, Bruce Ross. L-R seated: Brian Selby, David Barsky, Visnja McMaster


Now, let me post Haiku Jam and some photos.

 June 5, 2011

Haiku Jam at Derby Roundhouse Japan Earthquake Cultural Day

Photographs taken at Paul Conneally’s Haiku Jam session at The Roundhouse, Derby, UK.





Last of all, here is a photo of participants, a daughter and her mother, who seems to have been a student I taught at high school in Akita prefecture (秋田県) some years ago.




バラのごとダービー飾る母娘                     秀法


roses blooming –

mother and daughter decorate

Derby Roundhouse                Hidenori


The next posting ‘Haiku about the Great East Japan Earthquake (8) ‘  appears on June 18.


― Hidenori Hiruta



2 thoughts on “Haiku about the Great East Japan Earthquake (7)

  1. Paul Conneally always lays on fantastic events promoting the appreciation of haiku in an accessible and educational way.

    I’ve been privileged to have worked with Paul on a number of haiku related events in the past.

    I’ve also worked with Hidenori on a number of fundraising events for the Japan disaster, as well as on the Bath Japanese Festival (U.K.).

    Hidenori has become a great translator of English-language haiku too.

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words
    Literature Director, Bath Japanese Festival U.K.

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