Haiku Special from the 3rd Japan – Russia Haiku Contest (3)


The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry『詩の国秋田第6号』, whose 6th volume is posted as an e-pamphlet, features haiku special from the English haiku submitted to the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2014.

A great number of haiku fans willingly sent their haiku in English to the contest from 46 countries including Japan.

They compose haiku, the shortest form of poetry of three lines, catching the haiku moment through their observation or insight.

They write haiku, seeking for “pure present”, which might express “the eternal now.”

We sincerely hope that haiku will be shared with each other, which helps us realize the pleasure of writing haiku again. 

We also hope that haiku could deepen mutual understanding and enjoyment of different cultures between those people who read or compose the poem, helping make the world peaceful.


Haiku Special


Bilankov Smiljka(Croatia)


at the patient’s bed

a rose has leaned a little

feeling sympathy



Bogovic Zlata(Croat)


murmuring stream

a blossoming almond bough

sails under the bridge



Danica Bartulovic(Croatian)


White wings

Of the albatross embarcing

Restless ocean



Djuretic Nikola (Croatia)


pitch dark

then flash of lightning

– there’s the road!



Funda Željko(Croatia)



between the sky and the sea

silence spreading





the space roulette

of the rejected pieces –

the asteroids



Jacmenica Nada(Croatian)


an eye clinic-

instructions on the wall

in small letters



Korbus Dubravko(Croatia)


warmth of the sun

calmed down the crows

autumn, nevertheless



Kovačić Nina(CROATIA)


A line in the sand

moving the edge of waves

up and down.  



Ludvig Štefanija (Croatia)



only water doesn’t respect

the borders



Ludvig Vladimir(Croatia)


mirror burst

a fatal meet of

two mad dogs



Maretić Tomislav(Croatia)


summer shower –

the hammock instantly

left empty



Marija Pogorilic (CROATIA)


dead of the night

from the flooded land

a cry for help



Matas Dusko(Croat)


green apple twig

covered with silence

and belated snow





Ship made of paper.

Child with him circumnavigate

the whole world.



Mrsic Ljudmila Milena(Croatia)


withered field flowers-

colors for the birds only

hidden in the seeds



Primorac Vera(Croatia)


summer time

tree tops lowering

their shadows



Rozic Stjepan(Croat)


bread on the lawn-

each bit spun by its own

circle of sparrows



Ruzica Soldo (Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Downy blossom of

Japanese cherry-tree

Crowns my face and soul





 Blind man on a bench.

On the prostrate  palm fall

the spring sun


Stipcic Vesna(Croat)


with the first light

silent they stretch out

the petals of lily



Tomislav Maretić(Croat)


a dove alights –

cherry petals lift

from the roof



Vladimir Šuk(CROATIA)


these two frogs  

compete croaking 

deep into the night




Vukelic-Rozic Djurdja(Croatia)


riverside cherry –

a bank of clouds lulling petals

through the vale



Ulla Conrad (DENMARK)


The incence waving

in front of Buddhas dark face – 

Kerouac´s book ”Wake up”



John McDonald (Edinburgh Scotland)



on two shores

the one heart



Buckingham Helen(England)


spray art . . .                

the cherry knows

no bounds  



Abad Anne Carly (Filipino)


darkening sky

the bamboo weeps over

the sun    



Keith A. SIMMONDS (France)


   hope for cosmic peace…

precocious cherry blossoms

       in outer space





autumn mist —

beyond the riverside

half of the old bridge



Pottier Nicole(France)


Fleeing clouds –

lost in the distance

the train whistling



We are now holding the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest.

Readers are invited to send haiku about “lake” to Hidenori Hiruta at the Akita

International Haiku Network by e-mail to (shhiruta@nifty.com).  


By Hidenori Hiruta




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