Haiku Special from the 3rd Japan – Russia Haiku Contest (2)


The yearly pamphlet Akita – the Land of Poetry 『詩の国秋田第6号』, whose 6th volume is posted as an e-pamphlet, features haiku special from the English haiku submitted to the 3rd Japan-Russia Haiku Contest in 2014.

A great number of haiku fans willingly sent their haiku in English to the contest from 46 countries including Japan.

They compose haiku, the shortest form of poetry of three lines, catching the haiku moment through their observation or insight.

They write haiku, seeking for “pure present”, which might express “the eternal now.”

We sincerely hope that haiku will be shared with each other, which helps us realize the pleasure of writing haiku again. 

We also hope that haiku could deepen mutual understanding and enjoyment of different cultures between those people who read or compose the poem, helping make the world peaceful.


Haiku Special


Jorge Giallorenzi(Argentina)


Abandoned building

The pidgeons cry out

in the freight elevator.



Julia Guzmán(Argentina)


Rising sun

a flock of seagulls 

flying in circles.



Carroll John(Australia)


pine seeds –

the tree surrenders

to the wind     


Hanson Simon (Australia)


waking refreshed

green bamboo prints

on my pillow slip


Maniyil Jayashree(Australia)



at the temple doorstep



Miller Mark(Australia)


widening ripples

rejoining the heron

its own reflection


Mizu Kiri(Australia)


first calligraphy

only wind and snow visit

endless flying white



Proctor Vanessa(Australia)


he asks me to write

his mother’s eulogy …

maple leaves


Rowe Cynthia(Australia)


snow angel

already your wings

starting to melt





ignoring the fence

on a visit to the neighbour

my dog-rose



Tauchner Dietmar (Austria)


if only life

were a dream

mother’s death



KHAN MUNIA(Bangladesh)


artistic bonsai:

twenty nine leaves shaped in heart

green festivity!



Rahman Mustafizur(Bangladesh)


A crumpled leaf-

was the happiest creature

on the battlefield



Cuvelier Willy(Belgium)


Morning walk –

the summer sun goes along

 on a gossamer.


Ector Jef (Belgium)


A hopping magpie

zealously looks for the worms

she found yesterday.





my dog does not fall

on his feet – but he doesn’t

climb trees either



Mercken Paul(Belgium)


our midsummer night –

the birds sing in Copenhague

in Palembang not



Terryn Frans(Belgium)


Empty heron’s nest –


the bleak breeze greedily snatches


a tuft of feathers.



Drpa Milena(Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Fragile line

Joins infinity of the sky

And fairness of the sea.



HRNČIĆ MIDHAT(Bosnia and Herzegovina)


cover of the snow

descended to the river

embracing each other



Smajil Durmisevic(Bosnia and Herzegovina)


the knight’s monument:

so cold – in the shadow

of a blossomed cherry




An old pastime!

A synchronized kite floats…floats…

to the sound of wind.



Magalhaes Franklin(BRAZIL)


Cloudy week.

Just women and the tide

are knowing the moon phase.


Rosa Clement(Brazil)


live news

a dragonfly lands on

the repórter shoulder





The old wooden bensh

grievs for the two lovers.

From the summer.



Kisyova Maya(Bulgaria)


Lithography –

how to select a frame

for a Tolstoy’s face?



Lecheva Lydia(Bulgaria)


Hot mountain wind

all over my body

while picking me stars



Minko Tanev(Bulgaria)


heaven flash I was

a radiant embrace

autograph of God



Racheva Lilia (Bulgaria)



zingari on the road,

lure on me.


Savova Vessislava(Bulgaria)


deserted town

at the end of a dirt road

a rainbow



Stefanova Vania(Bulgaria)



so glowing

the rice straw



Stoianka Boianova (Bulgaria)


Golden domes.

Whites are our souls

for wedding promise.


Temnyalova Mila(Bulgaria)


sand castle —

seagulls with folded wings

listen to the turquoise sea



Teneva Diana (Bulgaria)


lunar eclipse

the ring left by you

on the night table



Fay Ignatius(Canada)


question unanswered

putting vinegar

on her sunburn



Harrison Devin (Canada)


coastal fog–

the way mountains flow

into mountains



Labelle Anne-Marie(Canada)


once every ten years

the whole family gather

around a coffin


Liu Chen-ou(Canada)


winter mist …

bookmarking a moment

with this haiku


Seguiban Carl(canadian)


drought’s end—

even the smell of rain

has a name


Fabián Rafael  Padilla Hernández(Colombia)


a lonely boat

goes to the open sea

climbing the waves


Padilla Hernández Fabián Rafael(Colombian)


Far away from home

Pieces of sounds from Eastern

Drown my loneliness


We are now holding the 4th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest.

Readers are invited to send haiku about “lake” to Hidenori Hiruta at the Akita

International Haiku Network by e-mail to (shhiruta@nifty.com).  


By Hidenori Hiruta



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