Let haiku be on the UNESCO list! (19)


Let haiku be on the UNESCO list!


Here is a letter of support of the campaign from Mr. Dimitrij ŠKRK, Slovenia.

We sincerely wish to appreciate and share it with each other.


Dear Hidenori – san, Dear Friends,


attached is my letter of support, I sincerely hope haiku will be proudly be listed on the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list this year. Haiku already is World heritage and I appreciate very much, indeed!


Haiku is, in his frankness, simplicity, directness and saturation certainly the primal form of poetry and human impulsive creativity in the World, inspired by observation and experience of his presence in the realities of Nature and his ability of cyclical restoration.


On the other hand, as an anachronism to the above, haiku already entered in to human society and its happening. Haiku expresses man’s constant dilemma about human existence and his understanding of the World. That’s why the World should listen what haiku has said.



croaking among reeds                                            city damp –

ancient shamans                                                on a pile of consumerism

sing to the rain                                                     beggars and dogs



Dimitrij ŠKRK, Slovenia






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