Let haiku be on the UNESCO list! (18)


Let haiku be on the UNESCO list!


Here is a letter of support of the campaign from Ms. Sanja Petrov, Oprtalj, Croatia.

We sincerely wish to appreciate and share it with each other.


The first haiku I met in a journal for children, “Radost.”

Since then, haiku became a part of my life.


Life in the present in search of beauty in common and everyday things and its briefness are of a great help to each man and woman in these turbulent times. Immersion into Nature without self-assertion is necessary for all egocentrics.


As a teacher, I’m very pleased for having forwarded love for Nature and (haiku) poetry to generations of my pupils.


Prve haiku pjesme pročitala sam u dječjem časopisu “Radost”.

Utada je haiku sastavni dio mog života.

Život u sadašnjosti,traženje ljepote u običnim stvarima i kratkoća svima su nam potrebni u ovim burnim vremenima.

uranjanje u prirodu i ne isticanje vlastirog ja potrebno je svim egocentricima.


Drago mi je što sam ljubav prema prirodi i poeziji prenijela na svoje učenike.


Sanja Petrov, Oprtalj, Croatia




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