World Haiku Series 2019 (65) Haiku by Iosif Rabinovich

World Haiku Series 2019 (65)

Haiku by Iosif Rabinovich


The scarab poked its head out of the litter,

The sun is at its Zenith and the world is beautiful –

Breathing the fresh air.



太陽は天頂にあり、世界は美しいです –



The powers that be have it all:

Power, wealth, big profits,

And we, sinners, have too.






Two centipedes kept pace,

A woodpecker before they peck,

Admired the soldiers ‘ training.






Haiku folded-not a nut to wrap,

Then the bolt will not help –

Another device is needed.



その後、ボルトは役に立たない –



At the bottom, among the crayfish and stars of the sea,

Easier to breathe than among the stars of show business,

With cancer.

The scent of her skin took in the coolness of the morning

And the heat of the night, mad and passionate –

She is beautiful, words are powerless.






そして、夜の暑さ、狂わしくそして情熱的な –



Rain on the windowsill,

As an Inquisitor’s son,

Madhouse looms steel bars.






The wine of love is intoxicating,

But worst and worst of all

Hungover morning…






Flying over the cuckoo’s nest,

Don’t forget to lay your eggs in it –

Not all the same cat carnival.



その中に卵を産むことを忘れないでください –



On all the Cicada

Find your Lafontaine,

To put her in an anthill.









Iosif Rabinovich was born in year starters the second world war, was born in year A-Hare, as and his, not to night whether, pomyanut, namesake Joseph Vissarionovich, but unlike him not a cross between Sagittarius with Capricorn, and lion.

He went to school immediately after the war, combined his studies at the Institute with the Khrushchev thaw.

He belongs to the well-known Dolgoprudny organized scientific and technical group-graduated from fiztech.

Engaged in many: science, journalism, spearfishing and even played in the early KVN.

Began writing poetry at the tender childhood, somewhere in the period of the battle of Stalingrad, of course, about their tanks and hawks.

For the first time he published a poem (of course, about the struggle for peace) “Letter to an American student” in the district newspaper of Zadonsk (Lipetsk region)” Banner of communism ” in 1957.

On fee received ran away from his parents in Moscow for the world festival of youth and students in order to communicate with these students and especially the students personally.

After writing almost ceased, except that of utilitarian purposes (anniversaries of friends and colleagues) and doing all of the above.

With the advent of perestroika and in connection with its own half-century anniversary suddenly stood on the tourist trail, and this caused a relapse of children’s poetic disease.

What came out of it, he takes seriously, but calmly.

To preserve mental and other balance.

Non-partisan (generally and always), an unbeliever (not to be confused with an atheist).

There are grandchildren, and as a reason for this – a wife and child. He eats, drinks and smokes everything.

Here are two photos presented by Mr. Iosif Rabinovich, which will inspire you to write more haiku.



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