World Haiku Series 2019 (122) Haiku by Minal Sarosh

World Haiku Series 2019 (122)

Haiku by Minal Sarosh


unwritten history

seeds without paper

soil without words 


               Honorable mention The World Haiku Review, August 2011






suddenly a peacock

darts across the road

unpredictable destiny 


                         Four and Twenty poetry journal, June 2012





worn out shoes

sit quietly on the rack

dreaming of roads    

                                World Haiku Review, June 2016





waves of people …

a child wails for her parents

border fences shake

                                  Akita International University President’s Award

                                    First prize 7th Annual Japan –Russia Haiku Contest October 2018


 人の波… 子供が彼女の両親を求めて泣き叫んでいる 国境のフェンスが揺れる


a butterfly fluttering

against the glass window

opaque dreams

                         Muse India, May 2011





tufts of grass

in the wall of reality

dreams fill up cracks    


                        World Haiku Review, April 2012





autumn leaves 

yellow speckled lawn 

my face changes color  


                       The World Haiku Review, Dec 2012





an iceberg

grief freezes my eyes

floating on tears          


                  The World Haiku Review, Dec 2012




chilly hands

trying to catch the sun

through the window          


                      ‘UnFold’ 140 character poetry journals, April 2012






ventilator off

the twilight breeze

barely whispers


                Otata 47, November 2019





— Translated by Hidenori Hiruta




Minal Sarosh is an Indian English poet and novelist. Her first poetry book ‘Mitosis and Other Poems’ was published by Writers Workshop (1992) Kolkata. Her first novel ‘Soil for my Roots’ was published by LiFi Publications, New Delhi, 2015.

She has won awards at the All India Poetry Competition 2005 of The Poetry Society (India) Delhi (Commendation Prize); Creative Writing Competition 2006 of Unisun Publications, Bangalore (Third Prize); SMS Poetry Competition 2007 & 2008 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai (Third Prize); Unisun Reliance TimeOut Book Club Awards 2008-09 (Special Mention) and The Akita International University President’s Award 2018, Japan (First Prize).

Her poems have been published in esteemed Anthologies like — The Journal of the Poetry Society (India), Chandrabhaga, Indian Literature, and ‘These My Words’ The Penguin Book of Indian Poetry (2012). And  also in reputed online journals like  Muse India , Kritya, Open Road Review, Asian Signature, and Narrow Road.                            

Her haiku, senryu, and tanka have been published in reputed online journals like Muse India, World Haiku Review, Haiku News, unFold, Four and Twenty journal (June 2012 Vol 5 Issue 6), The Four QuartersMagazine , Haiku Foundation,  Prune Juice –Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haiban & Haiga,   Akita International Haiku Network , Failed Haiku, The Asahi Shimbun, Otata and also in anthologies like the  ‘FIRST Katha ebook’ of haiku, haiban, senryu and tanka’  (2013) and Naad Anunaad’ anthology of contemporary world haiku 2016.

She lives in Ahmedabad, India.

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