World Haiku Series 2019 (129) Haiku by Nada Jačmenica

World Haiku Series 2019 (129)

Haiku by Nada  Jačmenica


by Japanese camera                              

Frenchman stealing beauties

from Italians





sleeplessness –

the counted drops rolling

down the roof





dawn –                                             

the night sky slides down                 

a cobweb thread





a tom cat in rush-                             

from his mouth sticks out                 

his breakfast’s tail



口から朝食のしっぽ が突き出る


Indian summer-                                

day wrapped by the silk

and the spiders





listening to the croaking–

the wind moved the marsh

to the South





sea and the cliff                                

in an embrace

in a struggle





a ray of sunshine                      

on its way to darkness-            

mole’s fur






rain ended                                        

a sparrow baths

in the hoof’s track      





sparrows pecking                             

frozen river –                                   






— Translated by Hidenori Hiruta




Nada Jačmenica was born in Sveti Križ Začretje, Croatia in

1953 where she has lived all her life.

As a physiatrist, her working years she spent in the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in the town of Krapinske Toplice.

She is a member of Hrvatskozagorsko književno društvo (Croatian-Zagorje Literary Club) i Udruge hrvatskih zavičajnih književnika.

(Association of Croatian Homeland Writers).

She started to write in grammar school. As the time went by her interests grew towards writing short stories, essays, travelogues and dramas in the Kajkavian dialect as well. For the past few years she has dedicated herself to haiku poetry.

She takes part in a number of various literary contests and her work has been published in joint collections and post-contest anthologies respectively.

She has received several literary awards, in Croatia and abroad. So far she has published a comedy in the Kajkavian dialect “First time at the seaside” and is one of the two authors in a humorous prose-poetry collection “Forgotten laughter”.

This year, she will publish haiku collection “Petals”, both in croatian and english language.

For the past thirty years she has nurtured the visual expression in the technique of flower collage and has achieved 15 independent and 17 joint exhibitions. 

2 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2019 (129) Haiku by Nada Jačmenica

  1. rain ended
    a sparrow baths
    in the hoof’s track
    …. beautiful haiku. Thanks.

  2. Dear haiku poets, or haijin, thank you very much for having sent fine haiku for the World Haiku Series 2019.
    Sharing nice works of haiku is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Thanks a million again for having given such a good time, a rich source of inspiration, and a big delight. Hidenori Hiruta

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