9th Akita International Haiku Contest 第9回秋田国際俳句コンテスト


*English Follows*







応募資格: 国籍、年齢は問いません。


投句数: 未発表句・1句

使用言語: 日本語・英語のみ

部門: 日本語部門一般・学生、英語部門一般・学生(四部門)

応募期間: 2020(令和2)年8月1日(土)~10月31日(土)

応募方法: こちらにクリックして下さい

締め切り: 2020(令和2)年10月31日(土)

結果発表:  2020(令和2)年12月中(ホームページ https://akitahaiku.com/

審査委員: 日本語部門: 工藤一紘、内村恭子、蛭田秀法

英語部門 : デビッド・マクマレイ、ベン・グラフストロム、蛭田秀法

賞: 各部門から二句を受賞句として選考。受賞者には、2020年12月中にお知らせします。後日、秋田国際俳句ネットワークのHPに発表します。(https://akitahaiku.com/) 受賞者の句や各部門から入選十句を「Serow(カモシカ)Volume 4」に掲載します。受賞者には「Serow(カモシカ)Volume 4」を無料で贈呈します。



問い合わせ先: 蛭田秀法 E-mail: shhiruta+at mark+nifty.com

グラフストロム・ベン E-mail: grafstrom+at mark+akita-university.com


Call for Entries

The 9th Akita International Haiku Contest

About:  In May 2012 the Akita International Haiku, Senryū, and Tanka Network held the “Japan–Russia Haiku Contest” in conjunction with the Akita–Russia Coastal Region Cultural Exchange Project, the Akita City–Vladivlostok Sister City 20th Anniversary Celebration, and the Memorial of the 140th Anniversary of Ishii Rogetsu’s Birth.

In November 2019, after a successful 7 consecutive years, the Akita International Haiku Network (formerly the Akita International Haiku, Senryū, and Tanka Network) changed the contest’s name from the “Japan–Russia Haiku Contest” to “Akita International Haiku Contest.” Thanks to all of those who supported and participated in the past “Japan–Russia Haiku Contests,” we were able to get 413 entries in Japanese and English from 57 countries.

Through this annual haiku contest, the organizers have not only been able to spread the art of haiku poetry around the world, but also the spirit of international good will and mutual understanding among different cultures. It is the hope of the organizers that this contest will contribute to bringing peace to the world.

Guidelines for Submission

Eligibility: The contest is open to everyone!

Entry: Only one (1) haiku is allowed to be submitted per haiku poet.

Theme: Time, Temporality 時、時間性

Categories: “Open” and “Student” Categories for both Japanese haiku, and English haiku.

*Participants may only submit ONE (1) haiku.

*Students MUST indicate their school affiliation.

*We strongly encourage English haiku to be written in 17 syllables, although variations will also be considered.

Awards: Two haiku will be selected from each category (English Open, English Student, Japanese Open, and Japanese Student).

The winners will be announced in December 2020 and featured in the [online] haiku journal Serow, Volume 4.  Upon publication, winners will receive color, hard copies of the journal.


Note: Only original, previously unpublished haiku should be submitted.

STARTING August 1st, submit your haiku here: https://tinyurl.com/AIHN2020contest

Please visit: akitahaiku.com for more details.


Submission period: August 1–October 31, 2020

*We will NOT accept submissions before August 1.

Judges: Kazuhiro Kudo, Kyoko Uchimura, and Hidenori Hiruta (Japanese haiku); David McMurray, Ben Grafström, and Hidenori Hiruta (English haiku).


Sponsors: Akita Prefecture Government, Akita International University, Akita City, Akita Sakigake News, the Haiku International Association, and the Committee to Register Haiku as UNESCO World Heritage.



(日本語でお問い合わせ先) 蛭田秀法: shhiruta+at mark+nifty.com;

(English) Ben Grafström: grafstrom+at mark+akita-university.com

**DO NOT submit haiku by email!**

 *Poets, artists, and contributors retain the rights to their haiku. The Akita International Haiku Network (AIHN) reserves the right to publish all haiku entries for educational purposes and/or for international outreach, either online or in print form, (both winning entries and non-winning entries) and other content willfully submitted to the AIHN. When reproducing haiku AIHN will attempt to the best of their ability to notify the haiku authors

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