World Haiku Series 2019 (210) Haiku by Hana Tatara

World Haiku Series 2019 (210)

Haiku by Hana Tatara


the golden soar of phoenix                

tailing into the air                          

sunset feather clouds                        




airplane cloud

white stitch

on blue sky




rose scented night                    

a gorgeous sleep                    

on petals




moonlit night

plum petals transforming into

scales of a dragon




Sprouts                                                                                                                                                                                             coming out of a gigantic tree

the stripped darkness




sakura in full bloom                   

sloping down to the ground                





the shadow in daylight

full of white crosses

doku-dami flowers




dark night

lit by fireflies

dancing in love




body’s shape

copied on futon

night sweat




flight in line

on the lane of wind

cranes go north





Ms. Hana Tatara kindly and delightedly presented her picture for the World Haiku Series 2019.




Hana Tatara belongs to a Japanese traditional haiku group named Nininno- kai.

In her childhood her mother who loved haiku often took her to ku-kai (a gathering of haiku poets) though it was very boring for a child.

She can say now that it made her start her haiku life.

2 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2019 (210) Haiku by Hana Tatara

  1. Thank you!
    So fine, beautiful and sensual, a great living example of your rich inspiring noble tradition of Poetry !

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