Haiku by Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram in India (2)

Tamil Haiku

பண்பை வளர்க்கின்றன
ஒற்றையடிப் பாதைகள்

Give up attitude
is developed by
one-foot roads


அடுத்த வேளை
சமையலுக்கு ஏதுமில்லை
சமைந்தாள் மகள்

Nothing is left
for the next cooking
daughter attained puberty


வீசாத வலைக்குள்
சிக்குண்டு தவிக்கிறது
மீனவனின் பசி

Stranded in
an unspread net
Fisherman's hunger


விசைப்படகு வாழ்க்கை

take rest
Invention of motor boats


காற்றின் மொழியோடு
கை குலுக்கி மகிழ்கிறேன்
அருவியின் சாரல்

With the tongue of wind
I take pleasure in shaking hands
waterfall shower


நங்கூரமிட்ட படகினை
தொட்டு ரசிக்கின்றன
மோதும் கடலலைகள்

Dashing sea waves
touch and enjoy
the anchored boat


எருதுகளின் உழைப்பை
எடுத்துக் கூறுகின்றனவோ?
சாட்டைத் தழும்புகள்

Whether the scars of lashes
reveal the labour of
the oxes?


வீசும் தென்றல்
மெல்ல அசைத்துப் பார்க்கிறது
ஆலமரத்து ஊஞ்சல் 

Blowing breeze
shakes gently
the swing of banyan tree


முற்றுப்பெறாது உடைந்த
சிலைகளோடு அமர்ந்திருக்கிறது
சிற்பியின் உளி

The chisel of sculptor
sitting along with unfinished
broken statues


சருகுகளின் சலசலப்பில்
அமைதியாய் பயணிக்கிறது
எனது நிழல்

my shadow,
amidst rustle of dry leaves,
travels calmly


Translated into English by Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram
Translated into Japanese by Hidenori Hiruta


Poet Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram was born (Dec.17th 1955)  in a small village Kavanur, Tamil Nadu, India to Sri.Nayana Pillai and Smt.Balagujambal. 
Poet Kalyan’s father was a karnam (Village Accountant). Mr.Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram having permanent residence at Cheyyaaru (TV Malai District) and now presently living at Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu. 
Poet Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram post graduated from Madurai Kamaraj University and got CAIIB from Indian Institute of Bankers and pg diploma in human resource management at Annamalai University while in his service at Union Bank of India. He used to write poems during his high school studies. His many lyrics are broadcasted by All India Radio, Chennai and Trichy stations. 
His Haiku poems are published in many tamil literary magazines, english websites and leading on- line magazines. 
In the year 1991 he was awarded “ Pavendar Pattayam “ inthe Bharathiyar Centenary Celebrations at Kancheepuram. He was then awarded “ Poet of Humanity” while release of his haiku book named “ The Smile of Humanity” (manithaneyath thuligal – both in Tamil and English) during his presidential time at Cheyyar Tamil Sangam. 
Poet Kalyanasundaram’s many haiku poems are translated into many languages like English, Japanese, French, Telugu, malayalam and Hindi . In the year 2016 he was awarded “Mithra Haiku Award”.
His second haiku book “manasellam” got recognition and prize at Sri Lanka Nutpam Literary Association. 
Further Poet Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram has invented new tamil poetic version “ Thanmunaik Kavithaigal” (Self-assertive verses) and followed by more than 200 poets around world tamil poets. This type of tamil verses are recently recognised in Cambodia by the Angkor Tamil Literature Association in Sept.2019. Poet has released a book in which 52 poets are contributed their poems. 
Poet Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram is also a founder of Haiku Society of World Tamil Poets (HSWTP) and more than 300 poets are writing their haiku poems in that facebook link.  
Poet has released a collection of Haiku poems from more than 50 poets named “ Panivizhum malarvanam” . Many of his haiku poems are being translated in English by Mr.Pugazhendhi V.Poet, Raju Arockiasamy, Shankar Maanji Pillai)
America Mutamil University at Indianapolis awarded Doctorate in 2021 to the poet Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram for his esteemed works in Haiku and Self-assertive Verses poems.   
Many of haiku poems are being translated into Japanese language in Akita International Haiku Network By the haiku poet Mr. Hidenori Hiruta who is the admin of the network. 
Poet Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram having ultimate aim of training the young haiku tamil poets with the help of esteemed haiku eminent scholars like Sri.Erode Tamilanban and Sri.Amudha Bharathi. 
Some of his Haiku poems are written in Tamil and English (translated by Mr.Pugazhendhi V.Poet, Raju Arockiasamy, Shankar Maanji Pillai.

Here are three photos presented by haiku poet Dr.Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram.

3 thoughts on “Haiku by Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram in India (2)

  1. Thanking much to you sir, Your translation into Japanese Langugage is remarkable one. With immense pleasure…Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram, Chennai, India.

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    Haiku by Kaa Na Kalyanasundaram in India
    Translated into English by Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram
    Translated into Japanese by Hidenori Hiruta

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