Book Announcement! “NIGHT JASMINE” by Goran Gatalica in Croatia – October 2022

Goran Gatalica is a haiku poet in Croatia, who participated in the World Haiku Series 2019.

His haiku appeared on the website of the Akita International Haiku Network with the title “World Haiku Series 2020 (56) Haiku by Goran Gatalica .”

Please check it out on the site below.

Goran Gatalica was born in Virovitica (Croatia) in 1982. He lives in Zagreb.

He has released books of poetry and haiku:

Krucijalni test (2014)

Kozmolom (2016)

Odsečeni od svetla (2018)

Jezero zmešaneh noči (2020)

Noćni jasmin / Night Jasmine (2022)

Here is a front cover of “Night Jasmine.”

About book of haiku “Night Jasmine”:

“Goran’s haiku are rooted deeply in nature and he often voices his emotions and thoughts through images of the changing seasons.

In this book, you will find poems on diverse topics like family relationships, war, refugees and the sheer beauty of nature.

The poet is eloquent and at the same time, skilled in the fine art of suggestion in haiku.

This book “Night Jasmine” is unique because every haiku in this book has been translated and showcased in seven languages.

A team of 6 editors, 9 translators, international haiku poets and academic experts have worked hard to bring to fruition Goran’s vision of haiku being a vehicle of peace and hope.

The haiku are in 7 languages: Croatian, Czech, Italian, French, English, Japanese, and Hindi.

The book also has some beautiful calligraphic art in it.

Through the changing seasons, the book takes us on a journey – the haiku are on important contemporary topics like war.

The poems also embody hope that in every image of nature, there  is resilience, rejuvenation and compassion.” (editor Geethanjali Rajan).

Foreword: Jim Kacian (USA)


academician Luko Paljetak (Croatia)

Toshio Kimura (Japan)

Translations / translators:

French: Damien Gabriels (France)

Italian: Antonio Sacco (Italy)

Czech: Helena Stranjik (Czech Republic)

Libuše Stranjik (Croatia)

Hindi: Aparna Pathak (India)

Japanese: Ikuyo Yoshimura (Japan)

Emiko Miyashita (Japan)

Masako Kakutani (Japan)

Hidenori Hiruta (Japan)


Emiko Miyashita (Japan)

Geethanjali Rajan (India)

Marina Bellini (Italy)

Sanela Pliško (Croatia)

Dejan Pavlinović (Croatia)

Tomislav Maretić (Croatia)

Bilingual readings of haiku from the book “Night Jasmine”:

Croatian – English haiku readings: (Zrinko Kapetanić & Marion Clarke)

Croatian – Japanese haiku readings: (Zrinko Kapetanić & Emi Murata Margetić)

Croatian – French haiku readings: (Zdravko Fundak & Pascale Senk)


Hifsa Ashraf, Author, and Touchstone Award winner, delves into Goran Gatalica’s new release, Night Jasmine  (Wales Haiku Journal, 2022)

Here is a back cover.

Lastly, here is a photo of Goran Gatalica.

2 thoughts on “Book Announcement! “NIGHT JASMINE” by Goran Gatalica in Croatia – October 2022

  1. Peace Joy and Freedom!

    And a strong wind blew
    from East to West
    and the bells stopped
    to play their chimes
    mothers and children united
    their hearts in an instant.
    The hands and legs
    of a thousand men on the march
    raised the friendly dust
    of dreams held in the body
    with the power of ideas
    and scattered words
    expected life values
    they became spears of fire.
    How many closed windows
    they opened to the cry of pain
    and how many high towers
    they fell to the song of vivid remembrance
    and how many doors were opened
    letting the sea overflow.
    The already dark night has passed
    the sun shines in the sky
    it’s the stars now that warm
    the thoughts of so many silent people
    there is no more time for torments
    to give mourning and wars
    today is the dawn of the new day
    that he will give forever to everyone
    Peace Joy and Freedom!

    ©Copyright Francesco Favetta

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