World Haiku Series 2022 (4) Haiku by Alessandra Delle Fratte (Italy)

frozen lake —

shadows of flocks in flight

as arabesques

winter wood —

the snort of a wild boar

sweeps away the snowflakes

a daisy in the meadow

bends at sunset —

like origami

downpours of rain

purify seas, skies and lands —

a new dawn

It’s autumn —

the sweetness of the air still

caresses the flowers

the meow of the cat…

foggy windows full of footprints

advent calendar —

roasted chestnuts and next to the fire

a rolled cat

crescent moon

hidden in the clouds…

or maybe it’s smog

lights above the city —

the last bomb wakes up 

the sleep of a child

New Year’s Day

everywhere fog and silence —

and dreams, again


Alessandra Delle Fratte is an Italian psychotherapist (Rome), with a great passion for the creative writing: her short stories are published in several anthologies (MdS, Giulio Perrone Editore).

She approaches writing haiku in 2015.

In this kind of poems she finds the right brevity and rhythm that allow – to each verse – to express the most archetypical or intimate thoughts.

Present in THF’s Haiku Registry, her haiku were published on several international digital journals and blogs.

Awards: Honoured Mention at the G. Pece Italian Prize (2019).

Work Anthologized: A.A.V.V. Haiku Column Anthology Vol. 4 (2018), Vol. 5 (2019), Vol.6 (2020).

Three jasmines scent my tea (2019) is her first Haiku Collection, with poems written both in Italian and in English.*

* Delle Fratte A. (2019). Tre gelsomini profumano il mio tè. La Ruota Edizioni: Roma

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