World Haiku Series 2022 (11) Haiku by Barbara Anna Gaiardoni (Italy)

Haiku by Barbara Anna Gaiardoni

incinerated by

a thunderbolt from heaven

lion dance

pilgrim of peace

an old woman living inside

the train station


with a checkered past

black friday

a kid listening

to a skylark

road barred

from the old book

a flower petal is falling

wild ducks in flight

collecting tadpoles

is my new obsession

war among the poor

lemon bread

on the Christmas table

the absence is filled

giant manatees

sunning on a big rock

fake-tan cream

a tangle of twisted film

like a kind of cloud

watermelon party

a sort of delirium

in the middle of summer

sudden letter


Barbara Anna Gaiardoni was born in Verona (Italy).

She’s a freelance pedagogist and author, also of books dedicated to children.

She has published books with Italian publishing houses.

She has participated in national literary and poetic competitions, obtaining the publication of her texts.

She currently publishes haiku, senryū, tanka, haibun and haiga in English to make herself known on the international trade journals. It creates haiga in collaboration with Andrea Vanacore, life partner, visionary photographer & video maker.

Drawing is her passion that she cultivates with dedication.

Her motto is “I can, I must, I will do it”.

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