World Haiku Series 2022 (15) Haiku by Carmela Marino (Italy)

Haiku by Carmela Marino

warm autumn 

not even birds

have a goal

caldo autunnale 

nemmeno gli uccelli 

hanno una meta

day of October 

an off-season 

flowering tree

giorno di ottobre 

un albero fiorito

fuori stagione

autumn flower 

the pollinated head 

of a bee 

fiore d’autunno

la testa impollinata

di un’ape 

summer drought 

the flower painted by my son 

hasn’t withered

siccità estiva

non è sfiorito il fiore

dipinto da mio figlio


memories of childhood 

wiped out 

frana fangosa

i ricordi d’infanzia 

spazzati via

summer wood 

only in my dream

a firefly sheds light 

bosco estivo

solo nel mio sogno 

fa luce una lucciola

autumn rain 

the light of a lamppost

steals the night

pioggia autunnale 

la luce di un lampione

ruba la notte

autumn wind 

a plastic bag 

covers the stars

vento d’autunno 

un sacchetto di plastica 

copre le stelle

suffering from cancer 

not even a swallow

in the sky 

ammalata di cancro

nemmeno una rondine 

nel mio cielo


I don’t remember the scent

of cherry blossoms


non ricordo il profumo

dei fiori di ciliegio

A Photo of Carmela Marino


Carmela Marino was born in Sacco in the province of Salerno and has lived in Rome since 2005.

She is married and a full-time mother.

She discovered the passion and comfort for poetry during the hospitalizations of her second son.

Haiku has become for her a true path of awareness and inner growth.

Many of her haiku have been published on important blogs, international magazines, Italian and foreign anthologies 

Photos by Carmela Marino (1)

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