World Haiku Series 2022 (19) Haiku by Christiane Ranieri (France)

Haiku by Christiane Ranieri

Earth Day –

my hands resting

on her round belly

burial –

the slow falling

of a dead leaf

working in the field –

he turns over the earth

and his own story

baby’s first steps –

in grandmother’s garden

his two hands on the ground

early morning

snowing in the Pyrenees –

the hoarse rooster

first sunny days –

the turtles and I

on a diet of salad

spring morning –

escaping the storm

a cloud of flowers

whilst weeding

I pull up the earth

the roots of the past

repotting –

in the roots of the olive tree

my native land

Ascension day –

on reading his sms

I come back down to earth

on her nose

all the secrets of the earth –

tortoise awakening

Photos by Christiane Ranieri


Christiane Ranieri is from Wittenheim, France.

Lulled by the bilingualism of her native Alsace where she devotes herself to her French-Italian family, Christiane venerates the diversity of cultures and places of life.

She brings us into her world with the precision of detail that was a relational necessity to her blind parents, and that today provides the poetic enjoyment of her haiku.

Up to now, she is the author of 4 books of haikus and renkus .

Her last book  “En quête de lumière “-“In search of light”, translated into German by Eleonore Nickolay published by Ed. Unicité.

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