World Haiku Series 2022 (22) Haiku by Danijela Grbelja (Croatia)

Haiku by Danijela Grbelja

dangers from space –

deep retreat into

the bowels of the Earth

eco fashion show –

no one believes

that it was a waste

hellish summer –

mild sunburns 

in the shade

nature in the eye – 

a journey back

to self

family trip –

rare birds flying

over the mountain

exciting afternoon –

eviction of a wild bee

from my flat

care for the Earth –

children returns snails

to the grass

stories of survival –

the fly buzzes unhindered

around our heads

climate changes –

young tree bending

with the wind

earthquake –

cracked pomegranate

in my hand


Danijela Grbelja (born 1974., Šibenik, Croatia, Croatian haiku poet). She is an economist – bank officer working in Šibenik.

Her haiku publishes in Croatia, Japan, USA, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. 

For her work she has received a number of recognitions and awards. 

One thought on “World Haiku Series 2022 (22) Haiku by Danijela Grbelja (Croatia)

  1. Bravo Danijela.
    Sviđaju mi se haikui. Priroda je začudna i interesantna. Dobro mi je ono sa šipkom. Ne znam da li ga ima u Japanu. Pozdrav!

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