World Haiku Series 2022 (27) Haiku by Dragan J. Ristić (Serbia)

Haiku by Dragan J. Ristić


these May rain pours –

hymns to the earth

rainy morning –

basket full with juicy

strawberries with earth

grave of parents –

eternal peace in the earth

with the neighbors

time of satellites –

I’m still dreaming of

better life on the earth

only the dust

I brought on my hands

from the antique shop

the last sun ray

grazed the cliff –

the shriek of a falcon


on the first morning snow –

dogs playing

from the top of the rock

my thoughts are with a falcon –

the flight over the secretes

the closest to God –

sticking out from the hilltop

the village graveyard

the first love break –

on the shoes today

the earth again



Dragan J. Ristić (1948, Niš, Serbia), German teacher (retired), literary translator from German (Brecht, Canetti, Fried…) and into German (some haiku books by Serbian authors), Serbian writer (five books of short stories, a book of poetry), satirist (three books of aphorisms), anthologian (the most important “anthology of the shortest German short stories”), haiku poet (one tanka book and eleven haiku books), editor-in-chief of the haiku magazine “Haiku novine” (“Haiku Newspaper”)

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