World Haiku Series 2022 (28) Haiku by Dubravko Korbus (Croatia)

Haiku by Dubravko Korbus

prva mu jesen

mladi ovan juriša

na bića iz magle

his first autumn

a young ram storms

at beings in the fog


prastara vrana

kljucne prvu pahulju

– za sreću…

a very old crow pecks

at the first snowflake

for good luck


život pahulje

u padu od oblaka

do snijega

life of a snowflake

in its fall from the cloud

to the snow


starački dom

teškom mukom urezano

srce na stablu

nursing home

heart cut into a tree

with much effort


rika jelena

u rasparanoj magli

zapetljani rogovi

the roar of the deer

in torn apart fog

entangled antlers


kapljica rose

jedan maleni svemir

obasjan mjesecom


a little universe light up

by the moon


paške livade

na njima je i trava 


meadows on Pag island

even the grass there

is bonsai


poslije kiše

valovi mjesečine

u moru lišća

after the rain

the waves of moonlight

in the sea of leaves


leđa guštera

solarna grijalica


the lizard’s back

the dry stone wall’s

solar heater


roda na gnijezdu

stoji na jednoj nozi

spava na drugoj

a stork in its nest

stands on one leg

sleeps on the other

Translated into English by Djurdja (Đurđa) Vukelić Rožić


Dubravko Korbus has been writing prose and poetry since his youth, and is a very successful author in publishing short Japanese literary forms.

He has received a large number of awards in Croatia and abroad.

He is the selector at a number of contests and an editor of the haiku miscellanies.

He published two haiku collections, in 2007 and 2011.

He is the author of a number of essays in the field of haiku and tanka.

He is the father of four children and took part in the Croatian War of Independence (1990-1995).

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