World Haiku Series 2022 (41) Haiku by Goutam Dutta (India)

Haiku by Goutam Dutta


Spinning and revolving

Heralding days and night

In every season.


Between two hemispheres-

Alternately existing

Summer and winter 


Tilt of the earth- 

Wind loses its warmth

Magical hues at sunset


Phases of moon…

Heralding joy

Festivals on earth


Weak crust

Fiery liquid finds outlet

Earth turns red


Dark night sky

Down below

City lights are glittering pearls 


Eager eyes await

Nature’s beauty to mesmerize

Sunrise over snow peaks.


Gust of breeze

Spray of leaves on my head

Autumnal magic


Myriad forms and species


Held in a tenuous balance.  


Flowering tree, vibrant blossom

Hues in sharp contrast..

Adjacent concrete houses.

A few lines about myself : 

Goutam is passionate about poetry and writes whenever and wherever something or someone touches his heart.

He lives in Kolkata, India and writes poetry in multiple languages.

He has a few publications of prose and poetry works to his credit.

He has recently penned a travelogue, titled “High on the Hills”, on his ride through the Lower Himalayan hills on a motorcycle.

He can be reached at and his blog address is

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