World Haiku Series 2022 (42) Haiku by Harvey Jenkins (Canada)

Haiku by Harvey Jenkins

come walk with me

there is always bird song

when we’re together

second day of sleet

I only fall twice

catching the bus


hundreds of nebula

in my hands

lack of oxygen

afraid to take that first breath


ninetieth birthday

she receives a packet

of wildflower seeds


Harvey Jenkins is a haiku poet living in the province of Manitoba, in Canada.

He has been writing haiku for over twenty years and is still surprised when

nature, and words, come together to give an aha! moment.

Here is a book cover of Haiku Moments on the Camino: France to Finisterre.

Over the years, Harvey has had both haiku and poetry published in various anthologies and online sites. He is also a member of Haiku Canada.

Here is also Polar Summer by Harvey Jenkins.

Polar Summer
Harvey Jenkins

Warmth nudges the land

as the sun fills the sky

at the end of a long Arctic winter.

Wild flowers bounce back

after each wide paw

steps on pristine tundra.

A black nose scans cold air

and restless ice floes groan

above the sound of constant wind.

Under an endless northern sun,

white fur seeks an Arctic chill

in the open waters of Baffin Bay.

© by Harvey Jenkins.
Used with the author’s permission.

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