World Haiku Series 2022 (43) Haiku by Helen Buckingham (England)

Haiku by Helen Buckingham

god’s feat of clay left to burn                       

NOON: Journal of the Short Poem, 21-22, 2022

world news                                                    

the moon

my rock

Hon. Mention, 10TH Annual Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards, 2022

Earth hour                                                           

Ursa Minor

steps up


seedlings dead

for lack of water–

Mariupol under siege                                       

Pages Literary Journal, August, 2022


and child                                                              

let them feed

VSANA, October 5, 2022



spring ginko

Haiku Dialogue, October 12, 2022

barely may

the hawthorn

a scarecrow

Frogpond, 45.2, 2022

one tulip left

  to conduct

   the wind

The Heron’s Nest, XXIV:2, 2022

holy island

no chorus                                                            

of sirens

Blithe Spirit, 32.3, 2022


for a lifetime—                                                                 


Haiku Dialogue, November 23, 2022


Helen Buckingham lives in Wells, England.

Last year, alongside many journals, her work appeared in anthologies including Coastal Visions (British Haiku Society, 2022), The Haiku Way to Healing: Illness, Injury and Pain (Robert Epstein, 2022) and Shaping Water: Erotic Haiku and Tanka (Moth Orchid Press, 2022). 

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