World Haiku Series 2022 (46) Haiku by Hifsa Ashraf (Pakistan)

Haiku by Hifsa Ashraf

peacock flower—
I still am a mother
of the unborn child

#FemKuMag issue 34


autumn leaves
raking to and fro
his last words

Presence, #73


sunlit dewdrops
on the grassy field
child’s first poem

lake’s mist
unfolding my story
the rorschach test

Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn Edition 2022


letting go of
what’s not mine
prairie wind

tinywords, 27 October 2022


foreign sky—
spotting those stars
I named after siblings

Frogpond, Autumn issue 45:3


pink dahlia
enough to count on
this spring

Modern Haiku 53:3


Paris Agreement
the v of seagulls
lost in the fog


summer ends
in the birdbath
white feathers


draught lake lily the last of its colours

The Bamboo Hut, Issue 2, 2022


Hifsa Ashraf is an award-winning poet, author, editor, and social activist from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Her work has been widely published.

Hifsa is the author of six micropoetry books on gender-based taboos, mental health, socio-cultural, and socio-political issues.

She has won The Touchstone Award for Individual Poems 2021 from The Haiku Foundation.

She received special mention for her book, Her Fading Henna Tattoo, in the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award 2020 and in the Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award 2021.

Her most recent micropoetry collection is hazy crescent moon that is about Islamophobia and published by Alba Publishing UK.

Please follow her on twitter at @hifsays

Hifsa’s bio picture


Some lovely roses from Hifsa’s Kitchen Garden

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