3.11 Haiku from the Romanian Haiku Group (3)

  On August 1, 1689, Basho visited Kisakata (象潟), Akita Prefecture (秋田県),  Northern Honshu, on his journey. Basho wrote about Kisakata in his travel diary The Narrow Road to Oku, 『おくのほそ道 (Oku no Hosomichi 』. You can read what Basho wrote in his diary in the two articles of this website: https://akitahaiku.wordpress.com/2011/05/14 https://akitahaiku.wordpress.com/2011/05/21   On July … Continue reading 3.11 Haiku from the Romanian Haiku Group (3)

News from HIA : 3.11. Haiku

  On July 14, 2011, Ms. Hana Fujimoto (藤本はな), a leading staff at HIA, sent me an e-mail, saying that the Haiku International Association(HIA)(国際俳句交流協会), whose president is Dr. Akito Arima (会長有馬朗人), has featured the article 3.11 Haiku in their homepage at http://www.haiku-hia.com . They feature the news about Haiku for Kibo sent by Haiku Society of Italy, … Continue reading News from HIA : 3.11. Haiku