Haiku by Fay Aoyagi for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010 (3)


In May, 2009,  the blog Blue Willow Haiku World (By Fay Aoyagi)  was introduced to our website as correlative through WordPress.com.

Since then I have enjoyed today’s haiku, or tanka, translated into English from the original Japanese haiku, or tanka in the blog.

In June, 2009, I became a member of the Japanese haiku group,Ten’I (Providence), thanks to Fay’s suggestions.

Fay Aoyagi, a haiku friend of mine, kindly contributed her book of haiku “In Borrowed Shoes” to me for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010.



First of all, we introduce Fay Aoyagi to you as follows:.

Fay Aoyagi: A naturalized US citizen living in San Francisco.    She is a member of Haiku Society of America, Haiku Poets of Northern California (http://www.hpnc.org) and a dojin of two Japanese haiku groups: Ten’I (Providence) led by Dr. Akito Arima and Aki (Autumn) led by Mr. Masami Sanuka.   Her two haiku collections, “Chrysanthemum Love” (2003) and “In Borrowed Shoes” (2006) were published from Blue Willow Press. Unfortunately, both books are sold out and not available for purchasing.  Her English blog  (http://fayaoyagi.wordpress.com) includes a daily haiku translation and she has a Japanese blog (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/fayhaiku), as well.


青柳 飛:サンフランシスコ在住。アメリカ俳句協会、北カリフォルニア俳人協会 (http://www.hpnc.org) 会員。「天為」(主宰:有馬朗人)、「秋」(主宰:佐怒賀正美)同人。英語句集:”Chrysanthemum Love” (2003)  “In Borrowed Shoes” (2006) (出版:Blue Willow Press). 英語のブログ(http://fayaoyagi.wordpress.com) では「今日の俳句」として日本語俳句の英訳を紹介中。日本語ブログは(http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/fayhaiku),


Secondly, we present some of her haiku to you.

15 haiku from “In Borrowed Shoes”   Fay Aoyagi 



ants out of a hole—

when did I stop playing

the red toy piano




I always count

in my native tongue—

Buddha’s birthday




a dinosaur egg

at the top of the stairs

Easter dawn




the attic

where silk worms lived

a shadow with no name




summer festival—

my Astro Boy mask

has lost its power




lacy gloves

will I metamorphose

into Vivian Leigh?




summer moon—

shadows with tiny horns

at the monkey bar




Hiroshima Day—

I lean into the heat

of the stone wall




distant thunder

a space in the shelf

of horror movies




morning stroll

in borrowed shoes—

split-open chestnut burr




night chill

rearranging the order

of canned soups





I dress as the self

I left somewhere




I decide to act like

Pippi Longstocking

deep autumn sky




Thanksgiving dinner

none of us on this side

are parents




these stones

with a story inside—

autumn deepens




In Borrowed Shoes,” a haiku collection of Fay Aoyagi, published by Blue Willow Press, 2006, San Francisco, CA


Japanese translation by Fay Aoyagi


 Last of all, let me decorate our on line festival with the photo birds presented by Patricia Lidia, a haiku poet, in Romania.



Hidenori Hiruta

One thought on “Haiku by Fay Aoyagi for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010 (3)

  1. I am so happy to have visited today and read this post. I am a fan of Aoyagi-San. What a delight to read so many of her haiku. They are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing about Aoyagi-San and sharing her haiku.

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