Haiku by John McDonald for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010 (5)


On July 15, 2009, I received two comments from John McDonald in Edinburgh, UK.

He was the first haiku poet to send us comments, saying “Good Luck” and encouraged us to continue posting haiku or articles on haiku.

John also presented me with his haiku book, whose title is ‘THE THROU-GAUN CHIEL’.



He has a web-page of Scots haiku http://zenspeug.blogspot.com which he tries to update daily, and from which most of the enclosed have been taken.


In April, 2010, John kindly made a booklet of haiku for me in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the opening of Akita International Haiku Network.

Its title is ‘Seasons in Akita (秋田の四季), in which he translated my haiku into Scots.


The haiku of mine are written in English as well as in Japanese and they are posted at the blog: http://akitahaiku.blogspot.com/, some of which appeared in the Asahi Haikuist Network by David McMurray.

John says in his e-mail as follows:


Dear Hidenori San,

I expect to send your little booklet tomorrow. I’ve called it Seasons In Akita  (not  – the seasons in Akita) because it does not follow the usual layout of seasons etc. it is simply recording the haiku you have written taking an example from each season so I hope you like it please let me know if everything is ok ;if so,  I will put two copies into the scottish poetry library and one into the national library of scotland (as I do with all my booklets). Hope you are all well in Akita

aye   John

John McDonald also contributed kindly another book of his, whose title is FUME O PEAT REEK’  ,or ‘fragrance of peat smoke’  in English to me for our festival.



I present some of his haiku to you with my Japanese translations.


The peerie moose  

scartin scartin

a thirl i ma sloom



the little mouse  

scratching scratching

a hole in my sleep



Konezumi no  hikkaku oto ni  me o samasu




brakfast o gowans:

sinny-sides up




breakfast of daisies:

sunny-sides up



Usa chan no  choushoku hinagiku  medamayaki



her cot fauldit

on the strand  

the souchin chingle



her coat folded

on the shore  

the sighing shingle


(for Margaret)




Tameiki no  hamabe no koishi  kouto nomi



voar mornin

the daffins

thair gowden craigs



spring morning

the daffodils

their golden throats



Haru no asa  suisen no nodo  konjiki ni



in the daurk

the bed shaks

her guid freen’s wun awa



in the dark

the bed shakes

her best friend has died



Yami no naka  beddo yureugoki  tomo ga yuku



zen gairden

ma sheddae switters

ower the chingle



zen garden

my shadow ripples

over the shingle



Zen no  niwa  kage sarasara to  ishi no ue



the gairdner

heelds ower’s flooers

they gove up at’m


the gardner

leans over his flowers

they gaze up at him



Yorikakakru  niwa no nushi miru  hanabana ya




she rugs a reid threid

throuch her flooerin




she draws a red thread

through her embroidery



Yuuyake ni  akai ito hiku  shishuu kana




thrabs on the lozen

ayont: the muin




pulses on the pane

beyond: the moon



Madowaku de  myaku utsu ga no hate  tsuki kakaru



…sodgers’ sheddaes

athort his

govein een



…soldiers’ shadows

across his

staring eyes



Heitachi no  kage yokogireri  kare no me ni



gean flourish

fleets on the burn

…plowp o a troot



cherry blossom

floats on the stream

…plop of a trout



Sakurabana  nagare tadayou  masu no oto



waukrife nicht

thrawin stanes

intae the derkness



sleepless night

throwing stones

into the darkness



Nemurenu yo  ishi o nagetari  kurayami ni



voar sinsheen

bummer waukens me

dunnerin at the winnock



spring sunshine

bee wakens me

banging at the window



Shunkou ni  hachi mezamasu ya  mado o utsu



muinlicht dookin:


on the funtain-nude’s erse



moonlight bathing:


on the fountain-nude’s bottom



Gekkouyoku  izumi no soko no  katatsumuri



roses’ heids

abuin the wa




roses’ heads

above the wall




Bara no kao  kusukusu warau  kabe no ue



fawin intae the scug

o the speengie rose

the speengie’s petals



falling into the shade

of the peony

the peony’s petals




Shakunage no  kage ni chiriyuku  kaben kana



Last of all, let me decorate our on line festival with the photo flower presented by Patricia Lidia, a haiku poet, in Romania.




Hidenori Hiruta


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