Haiku by William Sorlien for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010 (7)


First of all, I would like to introduce a haiku friend of mine, William Sorlien, in Minnesota, USA.

Here is a photo of Mississippi ginko walk, downtown St. Paul, September 2009


William Sorlien (Willie) is a construction tradesman residing in Minnesota, USA, which adjoins the cold northern border with Canada, near the center of the continent. His hometown, Saint Paul, is the northernmost port of the Mississippi River.

He began the practice of haiku only three years ago, yet hopes to continue the journey as long as he can hold a pen.

Willie also enjoys writing tanka, and haibun, and has been writing renku with other international writers for over a year now.

He considers each word he writes to be a learning experience and a method of self improvement through haiku friendship with authors throughout the world.

He has three blogs as follows:




He  kindly contributed his haiku and three photos to our Haiku festival.

Here is a photo of autumn sunset at Phalen Lake, 2009


I present some of his haiku with my Japanese interpretations.



a hazy moon

floats in the cup

white sake



Nigorizake  shuhai ni ukabu  oborozuki



brick by brick

these walls we build

passing spring



Renga tsumi  kabe o tsukureri  haru sugiru



evening rain
under the porchlight
dad calls us all in



Yudachi ya  pouchi no shita no  chichi no koe



a fine garden
in the traffic circle
once more around (first published in World Haiku Review)



Routarii  sutekina niwa ya  mata mawaru



spring melancholy
the green glass tortoise
in morning dew



Shunshu ya  garasu no ryoku ki  asa no tsuyu



without regret
hanging up her beret
she slips into autumn



Kui mota zu  beree o kakete  aki ni iru



green dampness
through the open window
prickly milk thistle



Aita mado  midori no shikki ni  nogeshi kana



slipping through
the rusty gates
wild gardens



Sabita mon  sotto toorinukeru  areta niwa



second harvest
in the tea tree’s grove
frog’s serenade



Nimousaku  chabatake no naka  kawzu naku



tender dreams
of my old black hat
snow on tea leaves






first strong gusts
the hawk as still life
gliding, soaring







the wasp

trapped between panes of glass

spring light






Here is a photo of the path around Lake Phalen in winter, 2010

The next posting ‘Haiku by Aju Mukhopadhyay for Int’l Haiku Spring Festival 2010’  appears tomorrow on May 19.


Hidenori Hiruta

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