Haiku by Kirby Record at AIU, Japan (5)


Professor Kirby Record teaches as director of English for Academic Purposes at Akita International University (AIU) (国際教養大学) in Akita.

He also writes haiku. He is a fellow haiku poet of mine.


Professor Kirby Record kindly contributed to me one of his poetry works, whose title is ‘From Leaf to Leaf: Haiku and Other short poems from Malaysia.

First of all, he takes up his favorite phrase by William Blake:

To see the world in a grain of sand

William Blake

Secondly, he quotes his favorite words by Dogen.

What dreamwalkers men become,

Awakened, I hear the one true thing—

Black rain on the roof of Fukakusa Temple.



Then he continues his haiku and other short poems from Malaysia.


all night long

 a single drop of rain

from leaf to leaf





coconut crashes

from its dark silhouette

into moonlight





bamboos lean

in the wind’s direction

wet with rain





summer afternoon:

evening begins edging

out of the forest





under yellow skies

very yellow parasols,

and rustling dresses




face cool and pale:

moonlight is trailing after

her black silhouette





slow rain patters

on the patio orchids

of green branches





severed orchids stems—

she vows revenge on every

snail of the night






waking to a storm

that shatters a closed window

in my dream of you




upon her face and hair,

through the dark wooden shutters,

cool april moonlight






spider web   between my eyes   and moonlight





waking   to morning cobwebs   on my face





after the rain stops

lightning-flashes still lightup

raindrops here and there





a bird falls   the blue of the sky   on its wings




the crimson orchids

i’ve taken you here to see

dried up since morning




dewy window pane

all the milky day a boy

sits watching the rain




candle light

mayflies, and big ants march in:

monsoon rain






each fresh drop of rain

ripples a banana frond

to its very stalk





orchid, stem and leaf

upright in a pot beneath

the Milky Way





how different it sounds—

from one spot to another—

raindrops   on the roof





 a month of rain

i only hear the pauses

between the drops






I sincerely hope that you have appreciated haiku by Kirby Record from Malaysia with my Japanese translations.

The next posting ‘Scots haiku by John McDonald (Part 4) ‘ appears on October 16.

Hidenori Hiruta







3 thoughts on “Haiku by Kirby Record at AIU, Japan (5)

  1. Thank you for sharing this collection. I enjoyed them all, but like the last the best. It captures that feeling I often get when we have days and days of rain. Thank you and Dr Kirby.

  2. Thank you Dr Hiruta for posting another canopy of haiku poems. I like the following haiku very much.

    coconut crashes
    from its dark silhouette
    into moonlight


    walking to morning cowbebs on my face

    I appreciate Prof. Kirby for portraying rain as an image in most of the cases. All are highly poetic.

    P K Padhy, India


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