International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 4)


On the fourth day, the rabbits enjoy their first running in the snowy fields and hills.




T.A. Smith’s rabbit also printed his footsteps in the snow.




After that, they joined the poetry recitation again.



Lenard D. Moore (USA)               レナード ・D.ムーア (アメリカ)

another year

we sort the clothes               年新た服選り分けて残しけり 

to keep



new year’s rain                                   新年の雨 

the watercolor painting                                水彩画 

in the art case                               美術ケースの中の 




Aju Mukhopadhyay                                  アジュ・ムクホパドヒャイ

(India)                                              (インド)


New Year!        

hearing its footsteps                               新年の足音聞いてわくわくす  

my heart throbs


Happy New Year                                           新年は 

when did you come?                                       いつ来たの 

so absorbed-                                               夢中になっていた 




Origa (USA)                                                    オリガ (アメリカ)  

Year’s end —
the shrunken sun slips
into a frozen leaf





Christmas lights
for the homeless dog’s
dark moment



a stray cat’s look                                                迷猫の表情
at my camera: Oh God,
the paparazzi again!




P K Padhy (India)                                                    ピー・ケイ ・パデヒイ (インド)

January 1st
time is just older

by one more year


smiling sun–
the new year morning

warming up


new year–
one more candle
on my birthday




VERA PRIMORAC                                                         ヴェラ ・プリモラク 

(Croatia)                                                                   (クロアチア)


New Year’s Day                                                  元日
rare passers-by in the clouds                             道行く人稀なり 
of blizzard



New Year’s greeters
alighted on the wires
writing music notes




Narayanan Raghunathan                                    ナラヤナン・ラグフナサン

(India)                                                        (インド)

first sparrow’s song  

cool dawn blazes in                                 初雀日光浴びて夜明け燃ゆ 

breezy sunlight 



first purchase ―

a baby toy for                                            初売りにベイビートイを孫のため 

my grandchild



first greeting ―

a stray child on                                挨拶の初めは道の迷い子に 

the pavement


first dawn  

a distant flute tapers                          元旦や遠くの笛の音無限へと  

into infinity



Kirby Record (USA)                                              カービー ・レコード (アメリカ)


on New Year’s day

thinking of my sons laughing                      元日や息子の笑い新雪に 

in the fresh white snow


again, the morning light:

what comes with the new year                      曙光また新年と雪何を呼ぶ 

and these flakes of snow?




Bruce Ross (USA)                                                 ブルース・ロス (アメリカ)


New Year’s Eve
the same street beggar
another year
New Year’s Eve
but even more so
the full moon




Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic                                            ドジャーダ ・ヴケリク・ロジック

(Croatia)                                                     (クロアチア) 


New Year’s dawn

frozen on the window pane                  元旦や窓枠凍り息の霧

our fogged breaths


New Year’s Eve                                 大晦日

our pregnant cat overslept                  身ごもる猫は眠りすぎ 

the fireworks                                 花火があがる  




Stjepan Rozic (Croatia)                                ステパン・ロジック (クロアチア)


rays of sunshine

through the shutters of clouds

          the first day                           元日や日光雲の覆いから 


world crisis –

only a half moon                            新空に世界の危機や半月が  

in the New Year’s sky



Nakamura Sakuo (Japan)                               中村作雄 (日本)

New Year’s card

a friend I miss                                年賀状懐かしき友現れり


which one do you prefer

Rice Bowl or                                         どちら行くライスボールか初場所か

the first year’s Sumo Tournament

by kokko                                       Kokko(俳号)

Hasegawa Suigetsu (Japan)                   長谷川酔月 (日本) (川柳作家)

Anything is forgiven

anybody isn’t forsaken                          なにもかも赦し小春日抱きとめる

Indian summer



A heavy snowfall

my wife in high spirits                       雪のんの妻は朝から元気です

since morning




The next posting ‘International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 5)’ appears on January 5.


 Hidenori Hiruta





2 thoughts on “International Haiku New Year’s Festival 2011 (Part 4)

  1. dear Hidenori Hiruta san:

    Another string of little gems.

    I particularly liked Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic’s “New Year’s dawn” and Bruce Ross’ “the same street beggar.”

    Beautifully crafted.

    I enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing.
    Chen-ou Liu

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