Haiku by Students at High School (大館鳳鳴高校 ) in Akita, Northern Japan


Seisaku Chiba(千葉星作), a member of Akita Association of English Studies (AAES)(秋田英語英文学会), kindly contributed haiku by students at Odate Homei Senior High School (大館鳳鳴高校)in Akita, Northern Japan to our network.

Mr. Chiba taught the students about haiku in English for two years from 1990 till 1991.

Here is a photo of the school.



MAITA, Junko


it is still early          

to put on summer wear   

a delight in light          





SATOH, Motoko


back home these days

leaves grow greener    

summer is here





AIHARA, Tomomi


acid rain is your tears

why don’t  you stop crying?  

for you, for your earth







what a nice feeling!

on large plains    

empty space







sunshine warms

the earth with her soft touch   

I wish my heart was warm as well





KASUGA, Tomokazu


on the field

I gaze at the clouds     

my mind is small





ITOH, Kazumi


in winter, a dream—

the sweet smell of blossoms—  

now that season is here!






YABUTA, Yasuhiro


everyone takes a trip

on a strange world alone   

now is the time





ITOH, Reiko


I’m looking forward to

the summer’s beat    

everything is dancing


待ち遠し 夏の鼓動や 万物の



KAGAYA, Hajime


rain falls in drops

like tears streaming down  

cry on dear Earth







on a moonlit night

I open the window,      

soaked in gentler sunbeams





YOSHIDA, Shigeyuki


existence in the dark

I was numbed with cold   

I saw a sunflower







cherry blossoms have fallen

summer is in the wind   

my hair streaming







I hear a frog’s voice

in the still of night     

I listen here, studying





Secondly, I refer to Mr. Seisaku Chiba’s career of haiku composing a little.




Career of haiku composing:

“Fuyuki Kisaragi Shiika-shu, a collection of Japanese poetry (short poems and haiku)”, (private edition in Japanese, 1981)

“Haiku and Peace Messages in January, 1990”, (private edition in English, 1990, with some students of Odate Homei Senior High School)

俳句HAIKU IN JULY, 1991”, (private edition in English and Japanese, 1991, with some students of Odate Homei Senior High School)

“Anthology of Haiku”, (private edition in English and Japanese, 1993–1994, with some students of Kakunodate Senior High School)


1981年 「冬樹如月詞華集」(詩、短歌、俳句を収録)〔弘前大学卒業時に私家版として発刊、友人・知人・教育実習した中学校の受け持ちクラスの中学生などに配布して現在は在庫なし。辛うじて原版はあり。〕

1990,1991年 大館鳳鳴高校にて、生徒と一緒に合作(英語版)〔私家版あり〕

1993,1994年 角館高校にて、生徒と一緒に合作(日本語・英語版)〔私家版あり〕

2003年 New Zealand文科省2ヶ月研修にて、個人として(英語版)〔先日両面印刷したものです〕


Last of all, I present Mr. Chiba’s  haiku contributed to New Year’s Haiku Festival by our network.

                  sitting straight                      

foreign students              

dance in winter





a black bullet

Ponta my late cat             

in the snow




 I sincerely hope that you will enjoy haiku by some students in the English classes at senior high school.

The next posting ‘Haiku World by Sasa Vazic in Serbia’ appears on March 5.

Hidenori Hiruta

4 thoughts on “Haiku by Students at High School (大館鳳鳴高校 ) in Akita, Northern Japan

  1. I enjoyed these haiku!

    It reminds me that if any of your students who are aged 20 years or younger would like to participate in new haiku for the Earthday Haiku Contest, that would be great!

    For further information: Earthday Haiku Contest

    all my very best,

    Alan Summers

  2. I love the youth and passion in these haiku. I can’t help but wonder what these students would write about now. Be well.

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