For New Year 2012 (10)


On February 29, I happened to see ten swans in the sun at the bank of the Omono River (雄物川) in Akita prefecture (秋田県).  It was such a peaceful view. The swans enjoyed themselves on a fine early spring day.


Here are photos and haiku about swans.




春の岸白鳥の群れ舞ひ降りる    秀法


a flight of swans

have a break there –

the spring bank        Hidenori 



白鳥の帰る日近し雄物川               秀法


the day nearing

for swans to leave –

the Omono River              Hidenori



Manisha Kundu-Nagata in Akita prefecture tells us about Swans’ Stay in Japan in her blog.

Please check it out, and you will know about it better..



On March 6, Patricia Lidia in Romania, kindly presented photo haiku about winter to us. 

 She  also introduced to us Mrs. Hrisi Udrescu, a great photographer, who presented her photos to us. 

Here are their photo haiku.




初雪 ―












孤独なモミの木 ―






まばらな稲妻 ―







日没に ―





降り続く雪 ―





On March 7,  KONO Minoru(幸野稔) in Akita prefecture contributed his haibun to us in his e-mail as follows.


Composed on the first of March           KONO Minoru  

        早春詠                               幸野 稔


At the main campus of Akita University, you can find a stone tablet on which is inscribed a haiku by Dr. YAMAGUCHI Kichiro, or Seison (山口吉郎) (俳号:青邨) (1892 – 1988), a renowned mining scientist and haiku poet.  I dropped in at it on the first of March and found it coming out of a heap of snow.




Haiku tablet —

The inscription watered

By melting snow.


Then I happened to meet Dr. NIINO Naoyoshi (新野直吉) (1925 –  ), a distinguished scholar in ancient Japanese history and former President of Akita University.  I enjoyed a chat with him for a while and saw him off.  I felt happy to find him as fine as ever.




Great old scholar

Walking steadily away

In the spring sun.


Later, I made a lunch suggestion to my wife and went out with her.




March opening —

Let’s dine out together,

My dear wife!


Everything was a happy start for spring.



Lastly, let me post haiku and photos by Saori Taniuchi and Takuya Matsuzawa, who studied about haiku and learned to write haiku at the class by Alexander Dolin, PhD, Professor of Japanese Literature and Civilization Studies at Akita International University(国際教養大学). 


Saori Taniuchi contributed the works of haiku and photos to us in November, 2011.







 Takuya Matsuzawa also contributed his haiku to us in November, 2011.


ほろほろと 桜紅葉が 秋を呼ぶ


One after another…

The bloom of early cherry leaves

the silent call of autumn


秋蜻蛉 幼心を 思いだす


The autumn dragonfly

Memories of childhood days

echoing through its wings…


鳥兜 ほのかに放つ 毒の蒼


The blue of Aconite

Shining brightly, poisonously…

waiting for its prey


彷徨し 紅葉かつ散る 何思う


Wandering about…

The leaves that stay, the leaves that fall

What are in their minds?



萩が散り 夜風が不意に 胸を刺す


The falling Lespedeza leaves

A sudden blow of nightfall wind

piercing through the heart



The next posting ‘Haiku by Ramesh Anand, Malaysia’ appears on March 17.


― Hidenori Hiruta


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