Haiku by World Children : Impressions of Water


Here is a photo of Haiku by World Children Vol. 8 : Impressions of Water.

This haiku book edited by The JAL Foundation日航財団is an anthology of Haiku by children from 25 different countries and regions.



According to the JAL Foundation, haiku shows the spirit and life styles of children from around the world.

It is the shortest form of poetry in the world.


Here are some photos of the haiku and pictures by world children.

You can get the haiku book through amazon.co.jp.





Lastly, let me introduce “The JAL Foundation”.

It was the Haiku Contest JAL held through a US radio music program in 1964 which stimulated the popularity of Haiku abroad.

Taking the occasion of its establishment, the JAL Foundation, which was established as one of the JAL Group organizations in 1990, has held the World Children’s  Haiku Contest every other year. It has edited and published ‘Chikyuu Saijiki, Seasons on the globe地球歳時記’ with excellent works from more than 20 countries and regions. At the same time, unique international exchanges, have taken place such as haiku lectures in various locations around the world and a Haiku camp for invited children.      





The next posting ‘For New Year 2012 (12) : Photo Haiku by Ioana Dinescu, Romania and Haiku by Pravat Kumar Padhy, India ’ appears on Mat 5.


― Hidenori Hiruta ( Member of HIA)






One thought on “Haiku by World Children : Impressions of Water

  1. Wonderful anthology. The children could paint and show to the world with words narrating the importance of water. Many congratulations to all kids and the JAL foundation.


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