17th International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition in Kumamoto (2)






17th International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition in Kumamoto

         Awards ceremony

           Prizes will be awarded at the Kumamoto City Municipal Gymnasium and Youth Center on November 17, 2012

        Application guidelines

Entries must be submitted by mail or via the homepage.

Each applicant can enter up to two haiku poems. Entries via the homepage are only possible in English . Please include: name, current address, gender, e-mail address, and phone number


All submissions to the Kusamakura Haiku Competition must be original to the author and cannot have been previously published. Haiku submissions to the Kusamakura Haiku Competition cannot be sent to any other publications for consideration, including online publications, and they cannot appear in any published form, including print magazines and journals, online forums, blogs, personal websites, etc., until after the completion of the Kusamakura Haiku Competition Awards Ceremony.

Publications will only be sent to winning individuals. Winning haikus will be displayed on our homepage.

Application guidelines more・・・



16th prize-winning haiku (Part 3


Selected by Dr. Richard


Nyusen(Third Prize) 


Bernadette Duncan (Germany)  ベナデット ドゥンカン   (ドイツ)


as they fall                       落ちざまに
last year’s leaves               去年(こぞ)の葉っぱが
caught by light                  光に映えて



Slavica Grguric Pajnic (Croatia)   スラビッカ グルーリック パジェニック (クロアチア)


early morning;                       朝まだき;
this snail rushing towards       蝸牛が威勢よく
a mushroom                           キノコに向かって突進す



Cara Holman (USA)     キャラ ホーマン (アメリカ)


morning mist…                 朝霧にー
tracing the edges               彼の人の名前の
of her name                       縁取りを辿る



Yukiko Yamada (Tokyo, Japan)  ユキコ ヤマダ (日本・東京都)


ea ceremony                   茶の席で
in the autumn air           秋風の中
a tense cup                    張り詰めた茶碗のひとつ



Earl Keener (USA)   アール キーナー (アメリカ)


autumn twilight               秋の黄昏時
the river turns                 川に向かって私は
my face to water               自分の面を向ける



Earl Keener (USA)  アール キーナー  (アメリカ)


lunar eclipse                        月食の夜
a skeleton in the window        生物実験室に見る
of the bio lab                        窓辺の骨格の標本



Dalibor Drekic (Serbia)  ダリボア ドレーキッジ (セルビア)


Sun is red. No wonder sin us.     太陽は赤、何があってもお咎めなし
Passion, no is sap.                                  受難、欲情はなし
No sign in evening is on.                   夜の印一つだにないままに



Takahiko Kishino (Hyougo, Japan)  タカヒコ キシノ (日本・兵庫県)


june rain-                        六月の雨―
her bare collarbone           彼女の露わな鎖骨

border shirt                     シャツの縁取り



Dalibor Drekic (Serbia)   ダリボア ドレーキッジ (セルビア)


Dew on roses or no, wed:             薔薇の露それとも違うもの、婚姻:
Drab bud, a dub bard,                            くすんだ茶色の芽、へぼ詩人
Saw tide rose? So red it was.            潮が満ちるのを見た?とても赤かったよ



Rafal Zabratynski (Poland)     ラファル サプラチンスキー (ポーランド)









The next posting ‘Sentyu by Chen-ou Liu, Canada ’ appears on June 30.


 Hidenori Hiruta



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