Senryu by Chen-ou Liu in Canada (1)

Here is an e-mail from Chen-ou Liu,Canada.

Dear Mr. Hidenori Hiruta

I came across your website while looking for the haiku written in different languages.  I was amazed by your efforts in spreading a love for Japanese short form poetry.  I wish you success in all your endeavors.
And I would like to submit the following poems for your consideration for publication on the Akita International HST Network. I shall be pleased if you translate some that appeal you much.
Warm Regards
Chen-ou Liu


First of all, let me take up a brief bio of Chen-ou Liu:
Chen-ou Liu was born in Taiwan and emigrated to Canada in 2002. He lives in Ajax, a suburb of Toronto, where he has been struggling with a life in transition and translation.

Chen-ou is a contributing writer for Rust+Moth and Haijinx. His poetry has been published and anthologized worldwide. His tanka have been honored with awards, including the Saigyo Awards for Tanka 2009 (honorable mention) and the 2009 San Francisco International Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, and Rengay Competition (tanka third place).

For more information about Chen-ou’s writing career, please read An Interview with Chen-ou Liu by Robert D. Wilson

 (accessed at

 And read more of his poetry at his website,

 Poetry in the Moment (

All the best,
Chen-ou Liu


Here are some of his senryu with Japanese translation by Hidenori Hiruta.


1st set of his Senryu: (sent along with haiku and tanka on Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the bat
flitting here and there…
Chen-ou or Eric




Easter morning:
sunlight reflected
from the wine glass




deep tissue massage —
what happens between
the poet and words?

ディープティッシュマッサージ ―



Good Friday
deep inside his mouth
no more “why?”




after Fitzcarraldo
I go around for hours wearing
the actor’s face




Fine Art Gallery
full of still life paintings
her bouncing breasts




immortal through cloning…
he wonders what to do
on a Sunday





Lastly, here are three tanka by Chen-ou Liu.


the threads
of a thousand poems
dangle on
the tip of a crescent moon
over my attic  



my days
aren’t graphed in ideograms
but lined up
like the English alphabet –
Chinese in the promised land




I close
the valves of my heart
to the world of red dust
solitude and I
are now of the same race




 The next posting ‘For New Year 2012 (14) : Photo Haiku byIoana Dinescu,Romania  ’ appears on July 7.


                                                            ― Hidenori Hiruta 

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