News from Asahi Haikuist Network : The Second Japan-Russia Haiku Contest


  On May 30, 2013, Professor David McMurray at the International University of Kagoshima(鹿児島国際大学)kindly sent an e-mail to me as follows.

Dear Haiku Colleague Mr. Hidenori Hiruta,

Please give my very best regards to readers of your website, and members of the Akita International Haiku Association. I trust they will be deeply moved by this following haiku that is set to be published:

rising in misty rain
Hottai falls
—–by Hidenori Hiruta in Asahi Haikuist

I am delighted to report that your haiku will be featured along with intriguing poems from Russian haikuists in the Friday May 31 issue of the Asahi Haikuist Network.

Please refer to the recent Asahi columns here

Your haiku focussing on the sounds emanating from the waterfall will endear your readers to your travels in the countryside. The sound of rain is the sense poets seem attracted to, more so than the sight, the taste, or the texture of rain on the skin.

rising in misty rain
Hottai falls

Before he captures sight of it in his camera viewfinder, Hidenori Hiruta hears the sound of a waterfall surging from the foot of Mount Chokai in Akita Prefecture.

Writing from Moscow, Natalia Kuznetsova quickens her pace to avoid the rain, while Russian haikuist Evgeny Ivanov seems to take it for granted he’ll be soaked.

Thunderstorm in town–
a bright stream of umbrellas
rushing to shelter
* * *

Rain in the park
dog under the bench
is quite wet
* * *

Along with the increasing number of Russian poets taking an interest in penning haiku, I am delighted to hear from Mr. Hidenori Hiruta, who reports that the Akita International Haiku Association is running an exciting Japan-Russian Haiku Contest. Supported by The Asahi Shimbun, readers are invited to enter the contest before June 30 by sending an English haiku along with the haikuist’s name, postal address, email, nationality, age, and profession in an e-mail to

The next issues of the Asahi Haikuist Network appear June 7 and 21. We’ll keep in touch with you about the Russia-Japan contest organized by Hidenori Hiruta. When winners are announced, we hope you are among them.  Readers are invited to send haiku about rain on a postcard to David McMurray at the International University of Kagoshima, Sakanoue 8-34-1, Kagoshima, 891-0197, Japan, or e-mail to (

Kindest of regards to you in the great North,

David McMurray


Last of all, let me present the following photo, one of my favorite photos to you.

This is a photo of Hottai Falls(法体の滝)taken on a fine spring day a few years ago.




The next posting ‘Haiku by Stjepan Rozic in Croatia(4) ’ appears on June 8.


― Hidenori Hiruta


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