The Results of the 18th HIA Haiku Contest


The Award ceremony for the 18th HIA Haiku Contest was held at “Ichigaya Arcadia” Sunday, 4th December 2016, at 10:30 a.m.

The winning works were announced and Ms. Nguyen Vu Quynh NHU, who is Visiting Research Scholar, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, gave an honorable lecture on the theme “Haiku in Vietnam” in Japanese.


The 18th HIA Haiku Contest


Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Here are the names of haiku poets and their haiku selected as prize winners and honorable mentions (Non-Japanese Section). Here are also their haiku translated into Japanese by two judges, Mr. Toru Kiuchi and Mr. Toshio Kimura.


木内徹選  (Selected by Toru Kiuchi)


特選 (Prize Winners)


Laura Nicola (Denmark)    ローラ・ニコラ(デンマーク)


Empty street                  人のいない通り

Birds flying away             鳥が飛び去る

First golden leaf          最初の金色の葉っぱ



Andrius Luneckas (Lithuania)   アンドリウス・ルネカス(リトアニア)


sunflowers field           ひまわりの畑

son asks about              息子が尋ねる

universe               宇宙のことを



入選 (Honorable Mentions)


Anthony Obaro (NIGERIA)    アントニー・オバロ(スイス)


noon darkness            昼の暗闇

watery bullet s pound           雨のように銃弾は跳ねる

every roof             どの屋根の上にも



Angela Cornelia Voss (Germany) アンジェラ・コーネリア・ヴォス(ドイツ)


On a park bench            公園のベンチで

I have nothing for you          私はあなたたちに何もあげるものがない

two sparrows              二羽の雀に



Pere Risteski (Macedonia)     ベレ・リステスキー(マケドニア)


from the rooftops           家々の

of the houses, smoke lifts        屋根の上から、煙が上がる

light as a breath            吐息のように軽々と



Anna Switalska-Jopek (Gdansk)              アナ・スウィタルスカ=ジョベク



winter evening             冬の夜

on my tambour frame          私の刺繍枠のうえに

a meadow’s blooming          草原の花が咲く



木村聡雄選  (Selected by Toshio Kimura)


特選 (Prize Winners)


Dorota Pyra  (Poland)       ドロータ・ピーラ (ポーランド)


cranes in flight              鶴飛ぶや

my father’s worn coat           父の古外套

full of autumn wind            秋風満つ



Roberta Beary (U.S.A.)        ロバータ・ベアリー(アメリカ)


deep in the cat’s eyes           猫の眼の深く

the crow’s caw caw caw           カラスのカァ・カァ・カァ



入選 (Honorable Mentions)


Lilia Racheva (Bulgaria)      リリア・ラチェーヴァ(ブルガリア)


traces in the garden            庭の足跡

jasmine                    ジャスミンに

rediscovering me             我ふたたび



Kwaku Feni Adow (Ghana)    クヮク・フェニ・アドゥ(ガーナ)


arriving on the farm –                                            農場に着くなり

the open arms               両手を広げて

of the scarecrow              案山子



mayflowerbg (Maya Lyubenova)(Bulgaria) メイフラワーbg(ブルガリア)


minor seventh…              マイナーセブンス和音

a car door squeaks                       ツグミの歌に

to the blackbird’s song                                  車のドア鳴く



Kjmunro (Katherine Munro) (Canada) kjマンロゥ(カナダ)


dark night                 闇夜

every raindrop a star              雨一粒一粒星の

falling                   降る



By Hidenori Hiruta

(HIA member)


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