稲美里佳の短歌:Tanka by Rika Inami (13)



Tanka for August 2018

All rights reserved ©Rika Inami 稲美 里佳



I went to Sakata City, Yamagata adjacent to Akita prefecture in the end of July so that I met a haiku poet and pianist Ms. Emi Goto, who traveled to Sakata from Sizuoka.  I drove along Route 7 which is the coastal road of the Sea of Japan to Sakata and on the way to my destination I dropped by a few sites, where were written in Matsuo Basho’s “Oku-no-Hoshomichi”/ “Narrow Road to the Deep North”, and I did sightseeing a little. I composed the following 5 tanka works : 1-5.







たぶの木に炎暑鎮まる蚶満寺 揚羽の円舞に芭蕉を思ひ


heat waves calm down

thanks to the tabu tree

at Kanmanji temple —

a swallowtail butterfly’s round dance

reminds me of Basho




Tabu tree is Machlus Thumbergi.

Basho visited Kanmanji Temple in 1689.





象潟や 炎天うつし 海原の空より蒼く….事象のつづく


Kisakata —
the calm sea reflects
a burning sun
still bluer than skies
… event will continue



The photo was taken at Misaki Park, Kisakata, Nikaho City, Akita.




青色の色相つらね空と海 わが空(くう)もまた青色に染め


blue hue

ranging and running

from sky to sea …

my void is also dyed

into the blue







is it

from Atsumi Mountain?

a white lily

by Basho monument at Wind Bay

waving with breeze




<あつみやまや吹浦かけて夕すずみ 芭蕉>

There is a stone monument with Basho’s haiku inscribed on it at Fukura,Yuza Town close to Sakata.

from Mount Atsumi
all the way to Windy Bay
the cool of evening

Basho / Translation : Wikipedia-corpus 日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス






岩礁の一六羅漢に合掌し満ちたりし胸 酒田へと馳せ



to sixteen Rakans made 

of shore reefs

… my satisfied mind 

toward the destination Sakata




The last spot was 16 Rakan statues at Fukura, Yuza Town, Yamagata.  I have wanted to see them for years.  Rakan is said to be a Buddhism Saint and these statues was carved in rocks from the late Edo period to the early Meiji period in order to pray for the souls of the victims who died in the Sea of Japan and for the safety of a voyage. After praying for my driving to Rakans, I was satisfied with that day’s sightseeing and I left for Sakata.









for ten years

I have looked on the base station 

as you …

the sky is covered 

with cupid pink clouds






going silently
without any illusions,
my eyes catch sight of  
the first blooming sunflower
 of this summer …







as if Hyperion 

were flying in a hurry

a vector like cloud

flows through

the eastern summer sky …



Hyperion is Solar God (Deity) in Greek myth.  





諸霊降りくる葉月たち忘れ草 炎炎と咲く野辺を行きたり


spirits descend

from another world in August

orange daylilies 

ablaze, ablaze in the field

recalling each, I go on … 




ペルセウス流星群とお盆に / For Perseus Meteor Shower and Obon

※ Obon is one of the biggest events for Japanese Buddhists.




dewelling in the meteors

the deceased-spirits would return

to this world

one by one shining and fading …

in the Bon night sky


編集 蛭田秀法

Edited by Hidenori Hiruta



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