World Haiku Series 2022 (9) Haiku by Arvinder Kaur (India)

Haiku by Arvinder Kaur

even after

we are gone…

cherry blossoms 

(Wales haiku Journal, Autumn 2022 )

whether or not 

the war ends…

harvest moon 

(second place The Haiku Foundation’s kukai October 2022 )

even without her sparrows 

(whiptail journal issue: 5 2022 )

her footsteps 

on a path of dew 

dawn stars 

(The Mainichi, Haiku in English August 9,2022 )

fresh graves

after the mourners leave 


(Frameless sky , Summer 2022 ) 

no one stops 

for cherry blossoms 

refugee exodus 

(Frameless sky, summer 2022 )

all those shadows 

were not shadows once

childhood home 

(Autumn Moon Journal. Spring Summer: 2022 )

dust motes 

the crossword 

as you left it

(Presence , issue 72, 2022 )

specks of snow 

on the rooster’s comb

dawn chill 

(The Mainichi Haiku in English, January 25, 2022 )

first snow 

my grandson looks back 

at his footprints 

(The Mainichi Haiku in English, January 4,2022)


Arvinder kaur specialises in English literature and Media Studies. Writing haiku is her passion .

Her haiku have been published in major international journals yet she is a keen learner of the exquisite Japanese short forms.

She lives in Chandigarh, India with her family.

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