World Haiku Series 2022 (12) Haiku by Barbara Olmtak (Netherlands)

Haiku by Barbara Olmtak


be mindful!

we reap what we sow

harvest moon


seeking shelter 

in the emptiness of space

the shade of a tree


a line of gold marks the scars

deep autumn


sandpainting the mandala’s inner core

autumn hues

曼荼羅の芯の砂絵の秋の色  千秋

translated into Japanese by Chiaki Nakano san


monk’s robe flutters 

a hymn in the wind



slowly transforming into a free spirit

butterfly chrysalis

se transformant lentement en un esprit libre

chrysalide de papillon

lentamente trasformandosi in uno spirito libero

crisalide di farfalle

Translated into French and Italian by Nadine Leon


fear not earth in the lows of your tide

a shield of mangroves


peeling the skin the truth uncovered

ripe persimmon

一皮を剥いて真実柿熟るる  千秋

translated into Japanese by Chiaki Nakano san


inhaling cold air ice slowly melts 

into spring


slowly trickling down all i want to say

awaiting spring


deep melancholy

in the tone of frog’s croaks

requiem for Basho


©barbara olmtak

Born in Suriname, living in the Netherlands Barbara has been working as a teacher and counsellor,coaching pupils(and parents) at secondary and primary level (general and special education) for the past 42 years.

In addition to long strolls enjoying nature and the love for photography, reading and writing haiku and tanka is her favourite pastime.

Tanka by Barbara Olmtak


through the marumado

twisted pine trees gently colouring

immaculate white

I gaze up in awe

the miracle of winter


from the mud

the lotus rises

petals unfold

in the softness of light

my awakening


emerald green

a hummingbird passes

burst of wingbeats

my restless mind

flutters of thoughts


wind settles

perching a hummingbird


holding his gaze

holding mine

Photos by Barbara Olmtak

5 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2022 (12) Haiku by Barbara Olmtak (Netherlands)

  1. Dear Hidenori Hiruta san, Thank you so much for including my submission in the World Haiku Series 2022. I am grateful and humbled.

    I have one kind request and that is if my picture could be replaced by the one I have sent in my second email. I’ll include it in this mail in the attachment. Please ignore my request if it is too much work for you to replace my picture. If it is not….I would be very grateful if this one could be attached.

    Thank you so much once again,

    Warm regards, Barbara Olmtak

  2. Dear Barbara Olmtak, Thank you very much for your great and inspiring submission.
    I just now replaced your picture as you had requested in the second email.
    We sincerely hope that you will enjoy haiku, tanka, and photography with your pupils and your friends.
    We are very grateful to you again for having shared your fine works with us.
    Best regards, Hidenori Hiruta

  3. Dear Hidenori Hiruta san, Thank you so much for this special opportunity and for your kind cooperation🙏 Thank you for your unrelenting hard work and devotion enabling this beautiful international exchange from and with Japan. I am grateful to have been allowed participating. Domo arigato gozaimasu, stay well and bless you🌹, barbara

  4. Thank you dear Anita Bacha for your compliment 🌹 So very much appreciated.
    Warm regards from Amsterdam, barbara olmtak

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