World Haiku Series 2022 (26) Haiku by Doreia Ragheb Yaseen (Syria)

Haiku by Doreia Ragheb Yaseen

1)  messages

     exchanged between earth and sky

     my love

2)  threads of happiness 

      between tides and tides

      hidden in the soil

3) shadows 

      play under the sun

      an artist’s painting

4)   thorny roads

      summer’s storms

      labyrinth of my heart

5)   earth music 

       creator music 

       who can hear?

6)   night spread

       your face

       no need for the moon

7)  no wrinkles into heart

      despite of harsh years


8)   moon is reflected

       surface of the lake


9)    peace birds


        stop the wars

10)  hydrogen 

        dancing above us

        beware of ignition

11 ) carbon dioxide 

hitting our heads

trees needed

My bio:

simply I am mathematics teacher 

Plastic artist  

Love painting and drawing  

I shared exhibitions  

Love poetry and haiku 

Love peace 

And I love to do good for others

Arabic lady


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