World Haiku Series 2022 (31) Haiku by Elena Asch (Russia) 

Haiku and Haiga by Elena Asch

night blizzard

a thousand and one

poses under a blanket

winter moon

on a swing in the yard

untouched snow

time for dinner

the family has increased

by two snowmen

spring rain

through the first drops

rosehip is turning pink

the full moon

is full even

behind the clouds

the heron takes off…

not to make out the words

in the noise of the wind

tea on the veranda

silvery underside

narrow leaves

the fall of leaves
the dog ’s barking is
getting louder

late autumn

empty photo


migratory …

among the leaves on the bench –

a feather

Comment by Elena Asch

For her, the Earth is both falling leaves, and thin ice on morning puddles, and the cries of returning cranes and the smell of mown grass.

Short bio:

Elena Asch teaches painting and design in Domodedovo (Russia).

She has been writing haiku since 2009 and she tries to take part in Russian and foreign contests.

Some of watercolor sketches by Elena Asch

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