World Haiku Series 2022 (32) Haiku by Eufemia Griffo (Italy)

Haiku by Eufemia Griffo


snow falls quietly

only faded memories

of the past year

World haiku review, Jan. 2022, Neoclassical Haiku section


vigil prayer

an old caribou* crosses

the ancient forest

Haiku Dialogue, The Haiku Foundation, Feb. 9, 2022


hospice garden

the birch tree still laden

with snow

Seashores, 8, April/May 2022


temple ruins

a pilgrim’s whispered prayer

sculpted in the rock

Asahi Haikuist network, April 15, 2022


ripe persimmons

my father hums

his last song

Failed haiku, vol. 7, issue 78, June 2022


melting snow

the calls of wild geese

along the river

Blithe Spirit 32.2, June 2022


her death anniversary

a magpie sits silently

on the cold grave

14th Yamadera Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest, October 2022


desert beach

faded stars

above me

Scarlet Dragonfly, October 2022


summer wind

scent of cedars

on the seafront

Hedgerows #139, November 2022


mid day heat

a frog in the shade

of the water lilies



My short biography 

Eufemia Griffo is from Settimo Milanese (Milano) Italy.

She is a writer and poet.

She has published books of poetry and fiction, including Dracula’s inheritance (“The Legacy of Dracula” ), which she co-authored with Davide Benincasa, “The river is still flowing” (her first collection of short story), “The branches of memories” (another collection of short story), her first historical novel “Paper shapes, Triora’s witches”, (August 2018), her second historical novel “From Afar, Venice: the Travels of Marco Polo” (March, 2021), and her latest novel “The wind of Highlands tells” (July 2022).

 She has won many awards for her writing and she has published her haiku in the best international magazines, journals and columns.

In February 2019 she won the first international prize, “R.H. BLYTH AWARD” 2019 organized by Susumu Taikiguchi, Kala Ramesh and Rohini Gupta.

In November 2022, Eufemia has received an honorable mention in “Autumn Moon Haiku Journal” edited by Bruce Ross.

She is a member of “British Haiku Society” (BHS) since 2017.

Her blog is : Il fiume scorre ancora (The river still flows).

Photos by Eufemia Griffo (1)

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