World Haiku Series 2022 (36) Haiku by Galimzyanov Ayrat (Tatarstan)

Haiku by Ayrat Galimzyanov


From space

Like two grains of sand

Earth and Moon


Earth and Moon –

Just a couple of electrons

On the scale of the Universe


Rain on the sea

Rain on the ocean

It’s like a waterfall.


Full moon and stars

Reflection in the river


I drank cherry wine

Adding without a number

haiku about the moon.


Like a stalker

I walk along the magnetic strings of the Earth:

they are taut, like the ropes of a ring.


Solar system

cooking an omelet, scrambled eggs

the yolk of an egg is in the center…


Geographers’ verdict

weather in Tatarstan connected

to the Drake Passage


Today is the holiday of the Moon* and family.

The table is for mooncakes.

* Holiday in some Far East countries


northern lights –

electron surfing

hello from the Sun

Photos by Ayrat Galimzyanov (1)


Galimzyanov Ayrat was born in 1962, lives in Kazan, Russian Federation, Tatarstan;

writer, poet, translator, orientalist-turkologist, member of the Association of Masters of Poetic Miniatures, member of the Writers’ Union of Chuvashia, member of the Chuvash National Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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