World Haiku Series 2022 (40) Haiku by Gordana Vlašić (Croatia)

Haiku by Gordana Vlašić

hunter in the stand

under the old oak

ceps peek out

a destroyed town

only the breeze

opening windows

never-ending rain

heavy wheat ears

still ripening

a door ajar

another step

to sunshine

an earthquake again

the raindrops perform

on the piano keys

an earthquake again

between memories

first spring flowers

a blue planet

my little granddaughter learns

to sort the waste

four year’s season

an old couple talking

about winter joys

cleaning the shore

a shell not leaving

a rusty chain


light of the cold moon


Photos by Gordana Vlašić


Gordana Vlašić was born in 1948.

She is a retired social worker.

She starts writing just before retirement.

She wrote an epistolary novel (About love … NAKAPIKALITELE), stories for children (Petra’s stream) and stories for adults (Woman behind the window).

Gordana Vlašić lives in Oroslavje, a small Croatian town.

2 thoughts on “World Haiku Series 2022 (40) Haiku by Gordana Vlašić (Croatia)

  1. Gordana, drago mi je što je cijenjeni Hidenori Hiruta objavio tvoje haikue. Sretno i dalje, puno inspiracije želim.

  2. Gordana, čestitam na haikuima i još puno inspiracije!

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