Haiku by Brian McSherry in Iwate, Japan (3)


On July 24, 2010, Brian Birdsell(McSherry) sent me an e-mail, contributing  a collection of haiku about summer.  


Thanks for the email. I agree some thoughts of the cool spring weather is rather refreshing right now. I think Akita is getting the same weather as morioka – hot and humid! I plan to go back to the states for a vacation with my daughter next week. But hope to finish a collection of summer haiku before I go and will send them to you. Enjoy the hot summer days and thanks again!



According to his self-introduction,

Brian McSherry has lived in Chicago, San Francisco, Prague, Italy and currently lives in northern Japan. He has lived there for over 6 years and enjoys spending time with his daughter, hiking in the mountains of Tohoku, writing, and traveling. He has a background in linguistics and teaches English at a private high school in Iwate. 

Now it is early in September, but the hot and humid days have unusually lasted.

Nice summer haiku by Brian make you cool and refreshed, I believe.


a butterfly

then two –

how far

I’ve wandered





watching the rivers

flood the rice paddies –

her ice cream melts





a slumped woman

with hands in the earth

makes dinner




coughing coughing –

a scattering of flowers

in the wind




Kitakami river –

cool water rushes past

a collapsed house




along the road

falling azaleas smear

the asphalt




staring at a tree

a woman in kimono –

Tenmagu Shrine




藤原養蜂 (Fujihara Apiary)

the smoke

from the beekeeper

drips of sunlight





the body welcomes

summer clothes –

letting the breeze in




a clod of earth

under the travelers foot –

distant mountains




the raspberry pot

still without leaves –

still get watered




dusk –

the picked dandelions

close up in her hands





the castle wall fades

under wild vines –

fleeting heroes




a path made

as my daughter chases

wild flowers




an engine hums

in the apple grove –

first smell of cut grass





the rainy season

wears away at the page –

erasing my tracks




traveling east

a shrine on the bluff –

repeating waves




I fall asleep

under clouds of green


blowing overhead





in the bent grass –

a moth with a lost wing

loses balance





along the roadside

pausing near rice seedlings –

10 years pass




Last of all, I present a photo of Kisakata (象潟), Akita for the last haiku by Brian.

Matsuo Basho (松尾芭蕉)stayed here in 1689 , visiting the Nohin Island (能因島)and writing haiku about mimosa blossoms(ねぶの花).

The next posting ‘Haiku by P K Padhy in India (3)’ appears on September 11.

Hidenori Hiruta

2 thoughts on “Haiku by Brian McSherry in Iwate, Japan (3)

  1. very interesting to read the haiku by Mr Brian. The poems assimilate the beauty of nature with innocence of human behaviour and lively observations.
    Kudos to dear Hiruta for your seminal endeavour in the world of Haiku and Tanka.

    P K Padhy, India

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