Haiku by P K Padhy in India (2)

On January 5, 2010, P K Padhy, an Indian poet, gave a comment on my haiku at my blog as follows:

Dear Mr Hiruta,

I am delighted to read some of your haiku, especially entwined with picturesque photographs. Japan is the land of Haiku. I wish you may like some of my attempts recently appeared under the title, Pearls of Word. I shall be pleased if you translate some that appeal you much.

Warm Regards

Happy New Year

P K Padhy



The following day I replied to his comment, saying that I’ll translate his haiku into Japanese and post them on our website.

Would you please appreciate some haiku by P K Padhy and check out his website ‘Poetic Resonance’ ?

Pearls of Word



up the tree
a better place to dwell
flood swells






aspires to play and dance
memory reminds
legs left behind




sorrow overflows
struggle to swim
flood revisits




tiny words sail
gathering point
a haiku whale




rich enjoys
starvation rains
poor under the tree


hue and cry
the song is lost
a dead silent



mirror —
reflects alike
twin  sisters




windows open
darkness dissolves
a sunny solution


apple from the tree
a common fall
Newton’s law


dark cloud
no twinkling star
encircles fear.




petals smile
honey reaches hives
bees muse




silence murmurs

grasshopper’s lazy walk
revealing green



trembling cold
hides from the sun
shelters on poor




tired lips smile
hope of tears
consoles the weak





orange sun
morning freshness
sunflower face



beautifully decorated
neat and dustless
street sweeper’s design




The next posting ‘Haiku by Brian McSherry in Iwate, Japan’ appears on September 4.

― Hidenori Hiruta

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