Haiku by P K Padhy in India (3)


On January 5, 2010, P K Padhy, an Indian poet, gave a comment on my haiku at my blog as follows:


Dear Mr Hiruta,

I am delighted to read some of your haiku, especially entwined with picturesque photographs. Japan is the land of Haiku. I wish you may like some of my attempts recently appeared under the title, Pearls of Word. I shall be pleased if you translate some that appeal you much.

Warm Regards

Happy New Year

P K Padhy


The following day I replied to his comment, saying that I’ll translate his haiku into Japanese and post them on our website.

Would you please appreciate some haiku by P K Padhy and check out his website ‘Poetic Resonance’ ?

Pearls of Word



red hot sun
mud cracks
thirsty ground



candle lights
welcoming new age
birthday party



clean ambience
morning news
environment  day



the first dust
the sweeper inhales
after night fall




shore line receives
messages from the sea
wavy language



thin cloud
cracked surface in summer
reincarnation prayer



 night celebrates
new stars arrival
cracking firework




                sunlight —
               rain sprinkles 
                colours in sky




size of shoes
      child in father’s look
   extra fitting



 sun rise —
reflecting yesterday’s story
morning news paper




shivering cold
road side tea stall
spreading warmth



songs on trees
snake on the ground
birds fly around



wings of freedom
openness spreads
birds in the sky



hope resides
life in space
sister earth




flying kites
marrying earth to sky
rainbow smiles



Last of all, I present a photo of a man flying a kite for the last haiku by Dr. P K Padhy.


The next posting ‘Haiku by Brian McSherry in Iwate, Japan’ appears on September 18.

― Hidenori Hiruta

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